May 27, 2024

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Corona virus live in France: the epidemic is getting stronger

Govt. This Tuesday evening, Public Health France announced that 19,778 people in France have been diagnosed with covid disease. For the first time in several months, the number of pollutants is close to 20,000: the epidemic continues to grow in the region.

  • This Tuesday evening, November 16, Public Health France announced new figures Evolution of the corona virus in France. Thus, 19,778 additional cases have been reported. This is 7,302 more people than last Tuesday. With an increased incidence rate of 4.22 points (104.62 cases per 100,000 citizens) in 24 hours, the epidemic is progressing well in the region.
  • “We are restarting the cycle of the virus,” said Professor Bruno Lina. Ruth Elkrief will be the guest of honor at the LCI this Tuesday evening, with the Professor of Biology scheduled. In addition, he explained, “We are in a very critical period because we are entering a cold period.”

  • French officials have repeatedly told those who want to hear that they need a vaccine to get out of the crisis. 50-64 people can now make an appointment to inject a third dose of one of the anti-govt vaccines.
  • Former French boxing champion Julie Le Guillard has died this Tuesday, Nov. 16, from complications caused by covit. The 31-year-old was admitted to Marseille Hospital for two months.

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23:37 – For Remy Solomon, vaccinating children is “probably not the most urgent”

Live Conclusion – Remy Solomon, head of the APHP Establishment Medical Commission, who was invited to the LCI set this Tuesday evening, said vaccinating children at present is “probably not very urgent”. He wants to wait: “You need to take a step back and give yourself time to monitor the millions and millions of vaccinated children under pharmacological supervision.” To further acknowledge: “If this is very possible, we will move towards this vaccine in France.”

11:15 pm – 400 people protest in front of the University Hospital of Point Pedro against the mandatory vaccination of caregivers.

This Tuesday, November 16th, an unlimited general strike against the health pass and the vaccination duty of caregivers continued in Guadeloupe. Nearly 400 of them expressed their anger in front of Pointe–Pitre’s CHU. The various entrances to the hospital were closed for vehicles, but pedestrians were able to pass. “The government is not asking for anything. We will continue to do so until we ask for it,” Jocelyn Joe, a spokeswoman for the Force Auvergne union among firefighters, told AFP. The world.

22:44 – According to Professor Bruno Lina, “We are restarting the cycle of the virus”

Bruno Lina, a professor of virology who was the guest of honor at LCI this Tuesday evening, promised that one would “be good at restarting the cycle of the virus”. Definitely, “We are in a very critical period because we are entering a cold period,” he explained.

22:23 – Professor Remy Solomon asks people over 65 to “go and get vaccinated.”

Professor Remy Solomon was scheduled this Tuesday evening. Ruth Elgriff at the LCI was called to the microphone, revealing that the elderly are beginning to take “more serious forms” despite being vaccinated. According to the professor, it is imperative that those involved “re-vaccinate after six months”.

21:47 – Epidemiologist Benjamin Rosie says, “We know collective immunity doesn’t work.”

Seine-Saint-Denis Benjamin Rossi’s epidemiologist, who was called by the LCI this Tuesday evening, was alarmed: “We know that the combined immunity does not work. Everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, will catch Covit-19.” Taking these comments into account, Professor Remy Solomon recalled, “Vaccination is necessary because the vaccine is used to protect against severe forms and to control moderate forms, but it is not enough.”

9:27 pm – Finistère introduces mandatory mask wearing until January 3rd

Ouest France says Finistère’s prefect has decided to strike hard. In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus within the department, he issued an order extending the obligation to wear a mask in public places, but subject to a health pass in some cases. Everyone over the age of 11 is affected by this activity.

8:55 PM – Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon 81% of the population received their first dose

This Tuesday evening, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the latest vaccination statistics in foreign regions. Thus, 3,237,719 doses were administered. They made 2,618,926 injections possible. In this regard, the good student Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon has been injected by 81% of its first. This is a completely different story for Guyana. The region has 29% of the vaccinated population (one dose).

8:25 pm – Outside masks are mandatory in some cities

Taking the example of the municipality of Blois (Loir-et-Cher), other municipalities have decided to make it mandatory to wear a mask outside. Therefore, according to a report in the Le Parisien newspaper published on Tuesday, November 16th, cities in nine provinces have decided to reintroduce this obligation in some organizations, namely: meetings. (Without health pass), around schools, markets, queues, transportation infrastructure and shopping centers.

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According to the latest data from Public Health France, 19,778 new corona virus cases were detected on Tuesday, November 16, 24 hours, or 16,537 cases less than the previous day and, above all, 7,032 cases more than last Monday. The seven-day average case rose to 10,219, up from 10,172 the previous day. 647 new hospital admissions, 16 more than the previous day and 238 more than last week are worrying. The measured rating is here:

  • 7,310,664 cases were confirmed by PCR (including nursing home), i.e. 19,778 more
  • 219,002 cases on Ehpad, i.e. 1 more case
  • A total of 118,247 deaths (including nursing homes), a further 47
  • The hospital had 91,345 deaths, or 47 deaths
  • Currently 7,535 people have been admitted to the hospital, i.e. 174 people
  • 1,277 are currently in intensive care, i.e. 20 more
  • 647 new additions to the hospital, or 16 more in 24 hours, 135 in intensive care or nine less than the previous day
  • 431,216 people were discharged from the hospital, i.e. 405 people
  • Test positive ratio: 3.69%, or 0.10 points higher
  • Incidence rate: 104.62 cases / 100,000, or 4.22 points higher

According to The last epidemiological point France’s Public Health Service (SPF), released on Thursday, November 11, stated that “the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 has accelerated in the metropolitan area, with a strong increase in the incidence of the disease.

  • In metropolitan France, event rates By the 44th week, 90 new cases per 100,000 citizens (62 or + 44% in W42), screening rate 2,914 / 100,000 (2,801, + 4% in W43). The positive rate is increasing (3.1), and the corrected event rate is increasing drastically for all ages. The highest rates were found in 30-39 year olds (131, + 53%), 40-49 year olds (109, + 52%) and 20-29 year olds (104, + 51%).
  • The number of hospital admissions is increasing. As of the date of approval, there were 1,691 new hospitals in W44 (+ 2% compared to W43, + 13% between W42 and W43) and 418 new additions in critical care services (-3% compared to S43, between + 13% between S42 and S43); Note that the data of S44 is not integrated.
  • The delta variant of the corona virus is still prevalent in France. Detected 100% by sorting during recent Flash studies.
  • Vaccination against Govt-19 is still in progress: As of November 9, 76.6% of the population had at least one dose, 75% of the complete vaccine and 5.9% of the booster dose, and the vaccine coverage of the Govt vaccine was estimated.

Scientific Council, In a statementReleased on October 6, the corona virus predicts two scenarios for an outbreak. Under favorable conditions, the infection is under control and vaccine protection is adjusted according to new knowledge of vaccine efficacy consistency. Govt-19 infection may be a latent threat, but under control. Then it will take on an increasingly seasonal nature and regeneration of infections can be expected by giving booster doses to vulnerable people if needed. Under less favorable conditions, a Covit-19 variant emerges after the delta variant. Derived from the delta subtype (some already exist, but not developed), the known variant with immune survival, which has become more widespread competitive among immunocompromised populations, or new variants from countries that do not have adequate vaccine protection. The intense cycle of the virus supports the emergence of new mutations, this variation disrupting the control of the infection, so it does not change seasonally.

Follow the evolution of the corona virus in your town using the map below. Click a field to display a list of municipalities. Find all the details in this mapping and the whole point by city and department wise Our article on the map of Covid in France.

Click on a list of cities in a department.

Since mid-October 2020, Public Health France has been communicating event data (number of cases per 100,000 citizens) at the municipal level. At this point the figures are reported on a scale (10, 20, 50, 150, 250, 500, 1000 cases per 100,000 population). The data are expressed in a rolling week, i.e. they are calculated on day D from tests performed 3 to 9 days ago. To access information related to the corona virus in your municipality, enter its name Search engine Or click its field on the map below.

As a reminder, the incidence rate corresponds to the number of new cases of Govt-19 infection over a one-week period compared to the total population of a region (country, region, sector or municipality). This indicator is typically expressed in the number of cases per 100,000 citizens. The screening rate gives the total number of people tested for the corona virus during that period. It is often expressed over 100,000 citizens. Finally, the test positive ratio gives the percentage of positive tests for the corona virus compared to the total number of tests performed during that period.

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