July 21, 2024

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Chilean President Sebastian Pienna has been ousted

Chilean President Sebastian Pienna has been ousted

The Chilean Senate voted against the sacking of President Sebasti பினn Piera on Tuesday, November 16, on suspicion of colluding with an interest in selling a mining company in 2010. Pandora Papers .

The referendum puts an end to the impeachment process, which was approved by the House of Representatives last week, where the opposition has a majority. In the Senate, even with the dominance of the opposition, a two-thirds majority or twenty-nine votes were required. However, only twenty-four senators voted for the indictment, eighteen voted against and one abstained.

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“The Department of Defense has deliberately distorted every fact mentioned in the reasons for this political investigation.”, Welcomed Senator Francisco Chauhan, Mr. President’s Attorney George Calves, at the beginning of the Senate session, charged “There is no truth and no legal basis”.

The process was triggered by the revelation of the “Pandora Papers” during an investigation by the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). According to the documents, the mining company Minora Dominga was transacted in 2010 in the Virgin Islands by a businessman’s friend of the president for $ 152 million to a businessman friend of the president. .

He cannot claim his own heir

There was a controversial rule that the payment for the transaction must be made in three installments and that the final payment must be made on the condition that no environmental protection zone be established in the area of ​​operation of the mining company. According to the investigation, Mr. Pinara’s government eventually failed to protect the area where the mine was planned, so a third payment was made. Mr. Socialist President Michel Bachelet (2006-2010), who succeeded Pinara, suggested that the biodiversity hotspot, a colony of endangered species of Humboldt penguins, should be preserved.

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The right-wing president, one of Chile’s richest men, has condemned the well-founded allegation. “On False or False Facts” Further the case was already adjudicated in 2017 and was considered dismissed. At the start of a new criminal investigation in early October, the prosecution argued that the facts were related to the sale and purchase of the mining company. “Not explicitly included” At the end of the non-case.

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Mr. The end of the criminal proceedings against Pinara will come in a few days November 21 election, At the end of which a new president will be appointed and parliament will be renewed. Mr. Pinara cannot be a candidate for his own successor; However, his term is not over yet, with a run-off on December 19 and a handover on March 11.

What is “Pandora Papers”?

Joint investigation led by “Pandora Papers” International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) In collaboration with 150 international media including The world. In tax havens (British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Singapore, Panama, Panama, The Seychelles…).

Five years after the publication of the “Panama Papers”, the survey reveals the extent of the abuse of the maritime industry and its limited companies. He shows how this system benefits hundreds of policymakers, and how the new tax havens work when the old ones become more transparent.

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