May 21, 2024

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Trucks parked in several roundabouts this Monday – all Martinique news on the Internet

Despite the fears of the people, there was no roadblock on Monday (December 6) morning today. Traffic on the island’s roads is very fluid.

Nevertheless, here and there, without real appeal, router trucks and transporter trucks are beginning to position themselves. Traffic was light at this time of night, especially in the Carrère and Champigny roundabouts.

The Lessard Bridge (in Lamentin) is still unoccupied at 8 a.m. today. At the California level, carriers are positioned without interruption. Sarah’s access is free (several trucks were able to get out to fill the pumps).

At Pointe des Grives, access was free and containers were able to exit. Banana loaded.

Continuation of negotiations

For memory, Arbitration by court order (France-Antilles of the Day) Continues between Intercindical and Grandport Maritime de Martinique (GPMM) until Tuesday. Finding an integrated solution to free access to the port is one thing. The unions demand the presence of government services.

Also this morning, at 10 p.m. The health workshop should resume work. Last week, Intercindal indicated that the government had promised to postpone vaccination duty until December 31.

In a press release issued over the weekend, Prefecture noted that “non-vaccinated caregivers are invited to enter the vaccination process by December 31st (1st dose).” He added, “From Monday, December 6, the administrations responsible for monitoring the experts involved in the vaccination duty will return to them to ask about their vaccine status and provide them with a personal approach such as dialogue, ‘information and support’.

This morning, Public transport services have been gradually resumed, TCSP was running in the morning.

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