April 14, 2024

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Cote d'Ivoire beat Guinea-Bissau to enter the tournament

Cote d'Ivoire beat Guinea-Bissau to enter the tournament

Ivory Coast easily won 2-0 against Guinea-Bissau in their opening game of this CAN 2024 at the Alasane Ouattara Stadium in Ebimbe this Saturday January 13. The Ivorians start the tournament in good form against Dejurdes and are still looking for their first win at the CAN.

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3 minutes

From our special correspondent in Abidjan,

After a packed stadium and an electric atmosphere, Ivorian hospitality and a smooth opening ceremony showcasing the other 23 teams in the competition, all that was missing before kick-off was one thing to complete the celebration: victory elephants.

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Under the eyes of all the elites of African football, the president of CAF, Patrice Motsepe, and many of the continent's former glories are leading the way, but since FIFA's president Gianni Infantino traveled worldwide, the Ivorians filled the contract.

Fobana lights the first fuse

Backed by an entire nation, expecting nothing less than a third continental title at home, Jean-Louis Cassette's men knew they could do no wrong. The Ivorians were well impressed, opting to make their task easier from the fourth minute of the game. Midfielder Sekou Fobana lit the first fuse, firing a curling shot with his right foot at the entrance to the Guinea-Bissau penalty area. Error restarting security.

This early start to the scoreline might have predicted a high score at the end of the first period, but when they had control of the ball, the Ivorians allowed themselves to be dragged into a false rhythm, they were relatively harmless and always looking on. For their first win In a CAN For his fourth consecutive appearance in the tournament. Only Sekou Fofana's fresh strike, this time off Guinea-Bissau goalkeeper Oberyn Djokovic's crossbar, could have increased the score before the break.

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A quiet evening for the Ivorian goalkeeper

Returning from the locker room, the Elephants found themselves at fault once again in the 57th minute of the game. After being swarmed down the left, Jonathan Bamba's cross found Jean-Philippe Grasso, who defied pressure from the Bissau-Guinean defenders and headed the ball home. Left-footed pivot shot into the net.

Apart from Guinea-Bissau striker Francholino's one strike being parried by Ivorian goalkeeper Yahya Fobana, he certainly had a quieter evening and the Elephants were never troubled until the end of the match. Solid and well-organised, the Elephants are unfazed but will find it difficult to make decisions this Saturday against a team considered the weakest in Group A. The real test will come against Nigeria on Thursday. Remarkably high quality.