March 4, 2024

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Edna’s new eruption in Sicily: Volcano attracts smoke and ash clouds

Europe’s most active volcano erupts again in Sicily. Heavy smoke and gray clouds partially covered the island.

Then Gumbre Vija Ax Canaries, Edna, the most active volcano in Europe, erupted again this Saturday, October 23rd. An attractive gray cloud struck the sky. The witnesses were mainly observant Pyroclastic flows. These streams are composed of volcanic gases, vapors and solid particles (volcanic, sludge, pumice …) Future science.

ud83c udf0b The Edna eruption on October 23, 2021 at 11:58 am. The pyroclastic flow splits into two, the first few hundred meters after which it heads towards the S and the second towards the Bow Valley.

– syriuse71 (Annassiri2) October 23, 2021 ud83c udf0b Edna, Europe’s tallest volcano and the world’s most active volcano, is experiencing a new eruption and new eruption this Saturday.

– Weather Channel (lachainemeteo) October 23, 2021

No material damage

Local media did not report any injuries or damage to property. Gray ash falling on the ground causes impressive deposits in the surroundings. The whole island stopped gazing back at the sky. Hats and umbrellas are mandatory …

This new eruption of Edna is strongly followed by volcanologists for the next 48 hours. This Strombolian type red volcano usually offers a view of beautiful volcanic eruptions. This time the ash eruptions that covered part of the island … There have already been two eruptions in February this year and last August.