June 24, 2024

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Emmanuel Macron wants to resolve the crisis between Beirut and Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Emmanuel Macron said in Jeddah on Saturday that French President and Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman had telephoned Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikhati to resolve the crisis between Beirut and Riyadh.

“Saudi Arabia and France want to be fully involved in aimed at” re-engaging the relationship “between the two countries after a severe diplomatic crisis,” the head of state told reporters before leaving the country before leaving the country. The coast of Saudi Arabia. “We want the (Lebanese) government to work in a normal way and to come together as soon as possible to carry out effective reforms,” ​​he said in a statement issued on Sunday, calling on Lebanese President Michael Aun.

A crisis that will last

The economic crisis in Lebanon has been exacerbated for weeks by open diplomatic battles with several Gulf states. Riyadh recalled its ambassador to Beirut in late October and expelled the Lebanese ambassador, following a statement by Information Minister Georges Kordahi criticizing the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen and defending pro-Iranian Houthi. Insurgents in that country.

Georges Cordahi announced his resignation on Friday. Riyadh has also banned imports from Lebanon, and three Gulf states (Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait) have retaliated against Beirut.

Emmanuel Macron later tweeted that Paris and Riyadh would “work together, support reform, get out of the crisis and defend its sovereignty.”

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