May 21, 2024

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Former Catalan independence leader Carlos Puigdemont has been arrested in Sardinia, his lawyer has said.

The MEP was searched by Spanish authorities for organizing a referendum that would make Madrid illegal on Catalonia’s independence.

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Former Catalan President and MEP Carlos Puigdemont has been arrested by Italian authorities in Sardinia, his lawyer Gonzalo Boy has announced. Twitter And confirmed by a judicial source in the newspaper Country. The politician has been wanted by a Spanish judge for four years for organizing an illegal referendum on Catalonia’s independence. Carlos Puigdemont fled to Belgium in 2017, before being elected MEP in 2019. His immunity was boosted by the European Parliament in March.

He was arrested a week after talks resumed between the Spanish government and Catalan separatists over the future of the region. This conversation broke down for almost a year and a half. In October 2017, the secession attempt in the region of 7.8 million people in the northeast of the country was one of the worst crises Spain has experienced since the end of the 1975 Franco dictatorship.

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