June 23, 2024

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French air traffic will end on Thursday if the United States withdraws on August 31

Kwai de Arce found that 62 French people were still to be expelled. Many Afghans have demanded an evacuation to be inspected by authorities.

Air traffic set up by France to evacuate Afghans seeking to flee the Taliban from Kabul will end on Thursday, August 26, if the US leaves Afghanistan as planned on August 31, a senior French ambassador said.

If the United States pursues a goal of total withdrawal by August 31,For us, basically Retro tableThat is, our activity ends on Thursday evening. So we have three more days», In the presence of journalists, explained to Foreign Minister Nicholas Rosh’s Chief Executive, Prime Minister Jean Costex.

Since the fall of Kabul, now in the hands of the Taliban, on August 15, France has installed a plane to evacuate the threatened French and Afghans. Nearly 2,000 people have already been deported along these routes. The Foreign Ministry has identified 62 French people still being deported, and several Afghans have called for an evacuation by authorities.

During a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Crisis and Support Center (CDCS), Jean Costex stressed the need.Distinguish between emergencies that require quick answers from othersCDCS Bridge has received nearly 120,000 calls since its inception.90% to 95% of calls come from Afghan refugees in France who are concerned about their families“, According to the ministry.