February 27, 2024

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Govit-19 in Belgium: Health pass becomes mandatory

To deal with the increase in sesame-govt cases, Belgium is implementing an amount equivalent to a health pass from Monday. As in France, displaying the QR code for accessing everyday places can be a question.

6,800. This is the average number of Covid-19 cases registered per day in Belgium. To deal with the epidemic, the European neighbor decided to implement this Monday: Govt Safe Ticket (CST), equivalent to a health pass. The CST, which is already being tested in Brussels, will now be mandatory nationwide until January 15. It is essential to provide access to everyday places such as bars, restaurants, cafes or sports halls.

Events such as trade shows and conferences also affect more than 50 people indoors (and more than 200 outdoors). “Those who come to hospitals and nursing homes will also need it at banquets and concerts.”, Mentioned Evening. Unlike France, Belgium avoided further discussion by not using the measure in shopping centers (not on public transport or in the workplace).

“This tool is suitable for anyone aged 16 or over and over who wants to see people living in hospital or nursing homes and residential care facilities for vulnerable people.” As well as attending mass events, the online outlet added.

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Corona virus: an epidemic that rocked the planet

These will be verified by the QR code available on the mobile app or in paper version. As in France, after less than 48 hours of testing, its holder will be certified as having a complete vaccine or a negative for Covit-19 or a maximum of 180 days prior to recovery from the virus. . For tourists, the European health certificate available to French people after receiving two doses is valid in Belgium.

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Wave of criticism and anxiety

But, like the national soil, freedom would be a fundamental value, and the move was met with criticism and concern. RTBF specifically announced “The Association for the Protection of Freedom and Privacy Sarda 21 recently summed up a move to allow Govt to secure a secure ticket to suspend the Govt scan application before Brussels’ first event court.”.

Although a hearing is set for Dec. 1 to conclude, a major consortium of companies in the event industry has expressed its fears: “Due to differences with neighboring countries, we are concerned about the competitiveness of our businesses as such measures are no longer applicable. We see a drop in ticket sales, an increase in the number of shows and, unfortunately, the cancellation of tickets. Events and concert tours.”

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Individuals violating these new rules will be fined 50 to 500 euros. Company managers who fail to perform entrance checks can be fined 2 2,500.

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