June 21, 2024

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Govt: New Omigron wave in early summer of 2022, UK Science Council warns

A team of scientists advising the British government expects a new wave of the Omicron variant in the early summer months. However, according to these experts, a catastrophic situation should be avoided.

Sage, a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Emergencies, predicts a new wave of Omciron in early summer. Defender, Friday, January 14th.

A controllable wave?

These experts, who advise the British government, have been triggering an epidemic since the beginning of summer.Social activity And some Decrease From immunity. They firmly believe that The wave is manipulative That it will not develop There is no catastrophic situation At Hospital.

According to our colleagues, this view comes at a time when the government is facing pressure from a number of Conservative MPs. The existing health restrictions in the country should be removed. For scientists, the magnitude and exact timing of this new wave cannot be “predicted” by many external factors. Current data suggest that The spread of serious disease It will be admitted to 1,000 to 2,000 hospitals a day.

Notable hospital yet

In the country, the health situation in hospitals will be tense for many more months, experts detail. “Due to the high number of infections in the UK and the constant hospitalization of the elderly and unhealthy adults, especially those who have been vaccinated, the number of hospital admissions in the UK will be higher for some time to come.” Defender.

The British Health Minister has responded to pressure from Conservative MPs who want to end the restrictions. On Thursday, January 13, he said he wanted to remove the blockade as soon as possible. According to a source close to the government, January 17 could be crucial for the orientation of the country’s health policy.

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