June 23, 2024

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The man who stabbed the first pig heart transplant patient seven times

David Bennett, the first person to perform a pig’s heart transplant, stabbed a man in 1988 out of jealousy.

This 57-year-old man’s past continues to resurface in the United States. David Bennett made headlines last week Successfully run a pig’s heart and become the first man. Surgical achievement never done before. But now, after announcing this good news for drug and organ donation, another man’s family wanted to qualify for this success in the media. According to a survey Washington Post, The patient stabbed a person seven times in the back in 1988. The victim, Edward Schumacher, was confined to a wheelchair after the attack until his death in 2005 from a heart attack.

On the BBC, his sister David Bennett testified that he was unfit to save his life. “My brother was 19 and met with my whole family […] I think the doctors who operated on him deserve all the credit for what they did, not Mr. Bennett, ”he said. He expressed his “anger” at being seen as a “hero” and celebrated as a pioneer from the success of his surgery.

Doctors are insignificant

At the Washington Post trial, David Bennett stabbed Edward Schumacher to death at a dinner party because he was jealous of his wife, Schumacher.

But for the doctors who operated on David Bennett, the man’s past was of little importance. “Every hospital has a moral obligation to provide vital care to all patients passing through its doors,” the Maryland Medical Center told the American Newspaper.