June 21, 2024

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Hospitalization “for Kovid” or “with Kovid”: New, more accurate indicators against Omigran

The difference between those admitted to the hospital for “govt”, i.e. those with govt and those with “govt disease” but for another reason, is now available on the G சுகாதாரodes site in France for public health. Hospital and health condition.

New information on the Govt-9 epidemic in France will be available starting Monday evening, January 31st Geodes, Public Health France platform (“Covit-19”, “Hospital data by admission”). These included the role of those admitted to the hospital “for Govt-19” and hospitalized “for another reason, with Sars-CoV-2 infection”.

Previously, the data took into account all those admitted to the hospital and all those who were positive for Covit-19, stating “whether hospitalization is related to it or not”. SPF on its website.

Thomas Devlamink, a contributor to the Govt Tracker site, explains that the person has been hospitalized due to health issues associated with Govt-19. Health condition that requires hospitalization for routine care or critical care. Also “with Govid”, this is about a person who is admitted to the hospital for some other reason and among them Kovid will be examined. This is not the main pathology that she has been admitted to. “

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Most hospitals are “for” Govt.

Data that provide an accurate view of hospital admissions. According to the French Ministry of Public Health, “the trend seen between December 27 and January 2 is explained by the low severity and high incidence of omigran compared to the delta variant, which shows a decrease in hospitalization for Covit-19.”

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Of the 2,361 people admitted to the hospital with Govt-19 infection (on average more than 7 days), 1,620 were “for Kovit” and 741 for “another pathology”, or about 30% of those admitted to Kovit hospital. “Actually the rate at which the Omicron wave is present, refers to Thomas Devlaeminck from January 2022. Before this, we had maximum rates of 10, 20%”.

ud83c udd95 The good news is that Public Health France is finally releasing the distinction between patients admitted to hospital for covit treatment and those with covit disease and those undergoing any other treatment.

Every day there are 2361 “govt” combinations, of which 1620 are treated for this syndrome and 741 for any other treatment. pic.twitter.com/G2G1gnb0eS

– GRZ (uGuillaumeRozier) January 31, 2022

However, most of those admitted to the “Govit-19” hospital, including those in critical care, are still suffering from the disease. “This virus is not insignificant,” said Jack Isopet, head of the virology department at Toulouse University Hospital. We are still at a high level of hospitalization. “

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In addition to enhanced monitoring of serious events, “the impact of hospital stress is being observed through these data,” France’s public health notes. Not because people are not admitted to the hospital with goiter, but for another reason it weighs less in the hospital setting. Because they are also positive, the SPF reminds us that “they need specific care: isolation in a single room, safety measures for caregivers, rearranging of a team of dedicated caregivers or services”.

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As of January 31, 32,374 people in France had been hospitalized with covid disease (3,700 in intensive care, including intensive care). It was 33,466 on November 16, 2020.