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How to use NameDrop in iOS 17 to exchange contacts by tapping on iPhones

How to use NameDrop in iOS 17 to exchange contacts by tapping on iPhones

  • You can exchange contact information by placing your iPhones next to each other.
  • Both iPhones need to be updated to iOS 17.
  • This feature reduces the chance of making typos or mistakes in entering someone’s contact information.

Apple NameDrop in iOS 17.


Next time you’re at a networking event or dinner party, you can exchange phone numbers with a new colleague or friend by simply placing your iPhones near each other.

The feature, known as NameDrop, became available when Apple rolled out iOS 17 in September.

NameDrop is faster than reading numbers out loud or trading phones and manually entering contact information. Plus, you don’t have to worry about typing your new contact’s name wrong. It transfers directly to your phone.

Apple lets you choose what you share with someone when you use NameDrop, so you won’t accidentally reveal sensitive information you may have stored on your phone like your home address. One drawback: You can’t share your email and phone number at the same time, and you can only NameDrop once between two phones unless you delete the contact and start over.

Here’s how to try it yourself.

NameDrop allows iPhone users to share contact information by placing their phones near each other.

Jake Piazza | CNBC

  • Unlock your iPhone (the feature will not work when your phone is locked).
  • Hover over the top of one phone directly over the top of another, as in the image at the top of this story.
  • Wait about three seconds and a prompt will appear on your screen.
  • You can tap “Receive Only” or “Share,” and you can tap the down arrow to select the contact information you’re about to send.
  • You must both click “Share” to get each other’s contact information.
  • If only one of you needs contact information, that person should click “Receive Only.” The other person still has to tap Share to agree.
  • If you get to this point and realize you don’t want to do this either, just swipe up to exit NameDrop.
  • Once you receive the new contact, you will see the contact page. You can edit the contact any way you want, but if it looks good to you, just tap Done in the top right.
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