April 14, 2024

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In Michigan primaries, Joe Biden wins despite a warning, and Donald Trump again dominates Nikki Haley

In Michigan primaries, Joe Biden wins despite a warning, and Donald Trump again dominates Nikki Haley

Each primary brings American voters a little closer to a new face-off between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the November 2024 presidential election. Both the current president and his predecessor in the White House won the election. Michigan Primary, Tuesday, February 27.

The vote in this industrial state in America's North was closely watched by the Democratic Party because the result could resemble a warning to Joe Biden. According to early estimates, the US president is likely to see a worryingly empty poll if he wins one of his main rivals, Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota (“uncertain”not guaranteed).

At the urging of a segment of the country's largest Arab and Muslim community, Democratic voters in Michigan were called to vote on the ballot to express their displeasure with the White House's support for the Israeli offensive. Gaza Strip. Vote “uncertain” It is an option usually given to voters in a state to know whether or not they support a particular candidate.

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According to initial estimates, more than 20,000 “undecided” votes were placed in the ballot box. That's more than double the goal already set by activists behind the “Listen to Michigan” campaign. (Listen to Michigan), to provide A “A powerful and unmistakable message” That funding and support for the Gaza war “Contrary to Democratic Party Values”. “Our drive this evening was a success and exceeded our expectations.”, underlined in a press release, “Listen to Michigan.” Their goal is to pressure the US president to call for an immediate ceasefire and end his support for Israel.

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A key state in the race for the White House

As civilian casualties mount in the conflict between Israel and Hamas — more than 30,000 Gazans have been killed — Joe Biden has seen his support among Muslims and Arab Americans erode significantly. However, this demographic is important for him against Donald Trump in Michigan in 2020.

Michigan is considered a swing state (“oscillating position”) for the US presidential election, neither a Democratic nor a Republican stronghold. In 2020, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by 150,000 votes.

For his part, the former president on Tuesday won by a large lead over his finalist, former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, during the Republican primary, which he organized at the same time, thus cementing his status. “Grand Old Party” (GOP). But a third of Republican voters rejected the real estate mogul's candidacy.

Therefore, Mr. There are doubts about Trump's ability, and his support will be significant if he is nominated for the November election. Nikki Haley, in particular, has refused to give up, saying she doesn't believe Donald Trump can defeat Joe Biden, despite losing his home state of South Carolina on February 24.

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