April 14, 2024

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The National Dialogue recommends holding the first round of presidential elections on June 2

The National Dialogue recommends holding the first round of presidential elections on June 2

In Senegal, the technical teams of the national dialogue launched by President Macky Sall to find a way out of the crisis have ended in Diamniadio, thirty kilometers from Dakar. Among the issues considered by all, the postponement of the new date of the presidential election was invalidated by the Constituent Assembly. The main recommendation is that the first round of the presidential election be held on June 2.

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With our special correspondent diamniadio, Thea Olivier

The date for the first round of the presidential election is expected to be June 2, the main proposal. Members of the commission explained to RFI that this date allows for voting before winter, i.e. before the rainy season that starts in July. But it allows for Ramadan, which begins in about ten days, to be skipped, as well as other religious festivals.

The commission proposed that the list of 19 candidates be verified by the Constitutional Council, adding to it the possibility of reviewing the files of so-called failed or expelled candidates. A move that allows Kareem Wade to run. If he is released thanks to the draft, the candidacy of opponent Usman Sonko is pending. Amnesty Act President Mackey Sall announced Monday. Finally, the last proposal in the dialogue was to allow Mackie Road to ensure that he becomes head of state after his mandate expires on April 2 until his successor is chosen.

These proposals will be submitted to the Head of State, who will still need to issue a Presidential Decree to convene the Election Commission. Macky Sall promised to refer the matter to the Constituent Assembly to confirm the decision. The seven wise men were to examine proposals to open the list to new candidates and to continue the current president as the head of the country until his successor is chosen.

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