June 23, 2024

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In more than 50,000 cases in France, a minister tested positive

Status Update – New Activities, New Reports and Highlights: Le Picaro Covit-19 takes the latest developments in the epidemic.

  • Positive test for Agnes Pannier-Runacher Kovit-19

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Agnes Panneer-Runacher, announced on Sunday on her Twitter account that she had tested positive for the Govt-19 virus. “When I found out today that it was a contact case, I immediately took a test and it turned out to be positive for Kovit-19. I have been isolating myself from this day and doing my ministry work from a distance“, The minister wrote on Twitter.

According to his company, “The minister has no clue, he is fine. ⁇He will confirm his next appointments by phone and video conference», We say from the same source.

  • In France, more than 50,000 cases a day

According to figures released by the French Ministry of Public Health on Sunday, the number of Covid-19 patients, who began to rise again by the end of November, is approaching 3,000 patients, while the daily average of pollution settles above 50,000.

Of these vital care services that treat the most critically ill patients, there were 2,936 patients on Sunday, up from 2,933 the previous day. 91 admissions took place in 24 hours. In total, 15,528 patients were admitted to the hospital, up from 15,370 the previous day. The trend has clearly increased over the past month, with the number almost doubling (+ 97%).

Public Health France has registered 48,473 new cases in 24 hours, surpassing the daily average of 52,000 cases in the last seven days.

  • In Germany, experts say emergency measures are needed
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A panel of experts advising the German government on Sunday sounded the alarm in the face of the spread of the Omigron variant and called for further reduction in population contact. “soon.

If the spread of the Omigran variant in Germany continues in this way, a significant portion of the population will be simultaneously ill and / or isolated.“, Experts write in their report.

So the risk of operational disruption is high. “Important infrastructure”(Hospitals, security, emergency services, telecommunications, electricity and water supply).

  • Demonstration against health certification in Brussels

A march against health certification drew several thousand people to Brussels on Sunday, with police arresting some during clashes after the march was disbanded, an AFP reporter found.

Protesters – 3,500 according to police and 50,000 according to organizers – marched between the Gare du Nord and European districts on November 21 and December 5 during the previous two demonstrations, condemning the use of the vaccine and the certificate. Health facilities to access restaurants and cultural events.

  • The first four cases of Omigran in Peru

Peru, the country with the highest death toll from Govt-19 in the world, announced the first four cases of the Omigron variant in its territory on Sunday in the wake of a resurgence of the epidemic.

Unfortunately, we have four confirmed cases of Omigran in Peru.Health Minister Hernando Sevallos told reporters.

Of these, at least one is a girl and the other is a nine-year-old boy. The woman was not identified as being from South Africa.

  • Dr. Fossy warns that Omigron is ‘wild’ around the world
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Leading American scientist Anthony Fossie, a White House adviser on the health crisis, warned Sunday that the omigron variant of Govit-19. “Unleashed” Worldwide, they are concerned about the number of Americans who have not yet been vaccinated.

“This virus is unusual”, Anthony Fauci mentions its spread speed on CNN. “He will be responsible”, And “As winter approaches we will have difficult weeks or months”.

“It is spreading very fast, that is, all over the world and undoubtedly in our country.”, About 50 million eligible Americans are unvaccinated, he added to the ABC.

  • Overdose for six children at the vaccination park in Le Mans

Had six children on Saturday “By mistake“The size of the Pfizer vaccine at the vaccination center in Le Mans that Prime Minister Jean Costex visited the same day was so strong that we learned from the Sarthe Prefecture and ARS.

Generally, the dose given for this age group is similar to 10 micrograms of Pfizer for children, and according to the same source, 30 micrograms of Pfizer is increased from 12 years for Caminrati.During the first vaccinations given, six children were mistaken for 20 micrograms of Pfizer Cominati. Noting this discrepancy, in addition to the steps taken for the following vaccine doses, the vaccinating center’s prescribing physician immediately contacted the families concerned and set up the follow-up measures they needed.», The press release continues.

According to the Regional Health Agency, the post-vaccination effects for these six children may have been mainly fever and body aches.

  • More than 5.34 million people have died
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According to a report compiled by AFP from official sources at 11:00 GMT on Sunday, the WHO office in China has killed at least 5.34 million people worldwide since the outbreak of the disease in late December 2019.

The United States is the saddest country with 806,439 deaths, compared to Brazil (617,803 deaths), India (477,422) and Mexico (297,835).

Taking into account the high number of deaths directly and indirectly linked to Covit-19, the WHO estimates that the outcome of the epidemic may be two to three times higher than officially recorded.