June 21, 2024

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In the United States, the family of Martin Luther King should reform the suffrage

Family members of Martin Luther King Jr. staged demonstrations in Washington on Monday, January 17, demanding the passage of Congress. Voting reform, The United States recalled the assassination of a civil rights leader.

Martin Luther King III, son of the famous Reverend, spoke at the parade, warning several states [avaient] Passed the making laws[aient] It is very difficult to vote, More than half a century to the historical texts of his father.

Participants in Monday’s march echoed the demands of Martin Luther King, Sixty years ago, by chanting:

“What do we need? The right to vote! When do we need it? Now! ⁇

“Give us a ballot”

Many carried printed posters with the image of the civil rights symbol and have supported his famous appeal since 1957. “Give us a ballot”, Which called on the federal government to enforce the right to vote for black Americans across the country.

During a demonstration in Washington on Monday, January 17, Martin Luther King III (center) and his family called on Congress to reform voting rights.

The protest was held in support of the Freedom of Voting Act, which is currently being considered by the Senate, which passed the House of Representatives last week.

The bill is subject to a bitter political battle, with President Joe Biden having to negotiate with two reconsidered senators from his own Democratic Party to change the rule of law and allow Congress to pass legislation without the support of Republicans.

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Joe Biden argues that the bill is important in protecting U.S. democracy from Republican attempts to exclude historically Democratic minorities from voting through a series of laws recently passed at the grassroots level.

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Martin Luther King “Protected Ethnic Justice, Economic Justice and the Freedom to Help All Others: Freedom to Vote”, Vice President Kamala Harris said at the White House.

Mr. Biden and Mr. Harris and Martin Luther King, Jr., 39, who was assassinated last week, and his wife, Coretta Scott King, went to the funeral home in Atlanta last week.

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