July 21, 2024

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Info Francinepo.  Basic 311, China’s Influential War Headquarters

Info Francinepo. Basic 311, China’s Influential War Headquarters

Officially, this is known as Section 61716 or Phase 311 of the Chinese Army, which is known as “the basis of public opinion, psychological warfare and legal warfare”. Hidden behind the address of a nearby swimming pool, it was created in 2005 in Fujian Province, Fujian, across Taiwan. Its role is to focus on psychological warfare aimed at mobilizing the Taiwanese population for Beijing’s dissertations.

>> FRANCE INFORMATION. The French report reveals the vastness of Chinese-influenced networks around the world

The report was released on Monday, September 20th Military School Strategic Research Institute (Irsem), Radio France’s international editorial staff had access to, Brings concrete elements of its operations and its two-headed command consisting of soldiers and political commissioners. Basic employees are usually offered as researchers or engineers.

The Irsem Report 311 rebuilt the site's headquarters for 15 years but the identity of the current leaders remains a mystery (IRSEM document)

“Engineers write specifically in subjects related to computer security, network communication and other technical subjects. Specifies the report. Meanwhile, researchers are writing on topics related to public opinion warfare and psychological warfare. They also work on topics related to artificial intelligence. Phase 311 has been part of the Army’s strategic support force since 2015, including space and electronic warfare.

In his battle for influence, the report again states, “Phase 311 mobilizes three types of organizations: front companies in the media sector, units of the People’s Liberation Army subordinate to it, as well as relay platforms where connections are very weak and vague.”
This set creates a wide and opaque nebula. “China 31 Phase 311 operates using companies that build its civil interfaces, including the Hawaii Broadcasting Corporation (CPC) or Voice of the Straight (VDS).” , Can we read in the report? These multichannel media specifically target the populations of Taiwan and the United States.

Other secret units are connected to base 311, specifically unit 61070 which is a network propaganda center. It is located close to base 311.

Since then, China has been using battalions of relay bases, NGOs, and civil structures to attract orbit around the 311st site. “Common to them, Can we read in the report, As a relay for the activities of the influence of the People’s Republic of China or at least to facilitate them. “

The most popular are the Chinese Association for International Relations (CAIFC) and the Chinese Association for the Promotion of Chinese Culture (CAPCC). “CAIFC’s approach is to build and develop relationships with elite members abroad, especially those in the defense sector., Writes the report. The 311 site is an important part of China’s new influence strategy, which has been significantly hardened in recent years. “His methods seem more and more, IRSEM completes the report, For those who work in Moscow. ” Chinese student undoubtedly surpasses Russian teacher today …

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