May 18, 2024

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Iranian ambassador to Britain summoned after oil tanker attack

A spokesman for the British Foreign Office said in a statement on Monday (August 2) that the British Foreign Office had extended an invitation to Iran’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mohsin Bhardwaj. The conference follows Deadly attack four days ago Mercer-Street, An oil tanker in the Arabian Sea.

“I think we have to face the consequences of what Iran did.”Said Boris Johnson, the head of the British government. According to him, “This is clearly unacceptable and a slanderous attack on a merchant ship.”.

On Sunday, London ruled “Tehran may have been attacked” This occupation of the ship “Deliberately, the goal” And “Illegal” Creates “Clear Violation of Iran’s International Law”, Said Foreign Minister Dominic Robb “Work in concerted response with its international partners to this unacceptable attack”.

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Attack that killed two people

In the drone attack, two people were killed: according to Zodiac Maritime, the owner of an Israeli ship, a British company hired by the security firm Umbrey and a team member Romanian. Mercer-Street. Israel immediately pointed the finger at IranLabit, who blamed his foreign minister as the Islamic Republic “Terrorism, destruction and instability hurt all exporters”. The United States has also blamed Iran, Washington Threat a “Appropriate copy”.

Iran warned on Monday that it would respond to anything “adventure” If he was the target of this murderous attack, he denies that he was provoked. “Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to defend its security and national interests”Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Kadip said in a statement.

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Competition between Israel and Iran

Over the years, Israel and Iran have clashed directly or indirectly in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and the Palestinian Gaza Strip. But, in recent months, this rivalry has shifted at sea with the appearance of a mysterious sabotage and attacks at sea.

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Thursday’s attack is the latest manifestation of hostility between Iran and Israel.

In March, the The Wall Street Journal The report quoted US and Middle Eastern officials as sayingIsrael has been targeting mainly underwater mines since the end of 2019, with at least a dozen ships en route to Syria. And in most cases, carrying Iranian oil.

“If there is evidence to support their unsubstantiated claims, they must provide it.”, Kadip said on Monday, criticizing London and Washington “Peace” About“Terrorist Attacks” Targeting “Business Roles” Iranians.

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