February 27, 2024

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Leonardo DiCaprio filming the dinner scene with Regina Hall in the PT Anderson film

Leonardo DiCaprio filming the dinner scene with Regina Hall in the PT Anderson film


Leonardo DiCaprio

Filming the dinner scene with Regina Hall…

Open to the public???

Leonardo DiCaprioall that is Paul Thomas AndersonNew movie… Filming in NorCal for the second day in a row – and working alongside another talented star.

TMZ obtained video and photos of Liu at a restaurant Tuesday afternoon in front of the “Scary Movie” legend. Regina Hall And a younger, unknown actress…and he seems to have brought some great confidence to the scene.

Watch the video — The PTA appears to be giving the Oscar winner some feedback while eating. He's clearly keeping his cool – although we're sure a regular patron or two have flipped out! The reason we say that… This appears to have been filmed outdoors.

Witnesses tell us the production team didn't shut down the entire facility for this shoot — instead, they pulled an old-fashioned budget-saving move from H'Wood by letting normal business flow while they only occupied a few booths to film the movie. Scene. That's what's being claimed anyway…and we'll say this, it sure seems like the standard rules might have been floating around.

Leo and Regina Hall having lunch together??? It will definitely be a shock if you pass by his restaurant. To be fair, PTA is somewhat known for making low-budget independent films… even if Leo is used to fine dining and a slightly larger budget – not to mention a much more closed set than seems to be going on here.

It is also worth noting that all of these photos and videos of Liu's filming are low-key and give away a lot of clues about the film's story. To be clear, we don't officially know anything about the plot yet… but if this doesn't sound like some kind of family outing, we don't know what will!

TMZ Studios

Anyway, just another day on Leo's job. We broke the story… LDCs He was filming In the same small NorCal town on Monday as well, although this scene was a bit more frenetic.

Leo was in full costume and makeup on Monday with a dirty coat and a shaggy beard — looking certainly worse for wear while police cars were apparently chasing him.


The untitled film doesn't have a release date yet or much more in terms of details… but we know Sean PennWithin it – and it seems like it's only a matter of time before it's discovered too.

Hopefully, the entire movie doesn't come out through leaks before its official release. At this rate, it seemed like anyone hanging around could get a good look and then some. 😅

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