July 21, 2024

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Live – Variant Omigron: Australia has stopped reopening its borders

Live – Variant Omigron: Australia has stopped reopening its borders

Omigron variant: South Africa is set to cross 10,000 cases a day this week

South Africa epidemiologist Salim Abdul Karim warned on Monday that South Africa, which has discovered a new omigran variant, will have to cross 10,000 kovid pollutants daily by the weekend.

“I expect to cross 10,000 cases a day by the weekend and see the pressure on hospitals in the next two or three weeks,” he told a news conference online at the health ministry.

Australia has stopped reopening its borders

International action against the Omicron variant is rapidly increasing. Australia on Monday halted plans to reopen borders for students and skilled workers, citing uncertainty surrounding the dangerous and pervasive nature of the Omigron variant.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the reopening will not take place on December 1, adding that the postponement was “necessary and temporary”.

The first cases of the Omigron variant in Portugal

Thirteen cases of Covit-19 have been identified in the footballers of Portuguese club Belenensus SAD, who could not field enough players against Benfica on Saturday for this reason, the national agency announced on Monday. .

These are the first cases of a new variant discovered in Portugal and according to the public agency, one of the footballers recently traveled to South Africa.

For the WHO, the Omicron variant presents a “very high risk”

The WHO alarm goes off. The new Omigran variant of the corona virus presents a “very high risk” globally, the World Health Organization warned on Monday, while highlighting the many uncertainties surrounding the vulnerability and spread of the variant.

“To date, no deaths have been reported in connection with the Omigran variant,” the organization said in a technical document released Monday, advising authorities to prevent the spread of the new variant.

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Emmanuel Macron received his booster dose

As the vaccine booster campaign opened to all adults this Saturday, the president himself received his prescription.

Like all eligible French people, 43-year-old Emmanuel Macron was able to receive his new Govt vaccine this weekend, almost six months after the previous vaccination on May 31.

Meanwhile, the head of state was also vaccinated against the flu.

An emergency meeting of G7 health ministers will be held in London today, Monday

G7 health ministers are due to meet in London on Monday amid concerns about a new omigron variant of the corona virus that continues to spread around the world despite border closures.

The health ministers of France, the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom met at the London headquarters during an “emergency meeting” to discuss “improving the situation at Omigron”. Rotating head of G7.

The move comes as cases of the new strain have been detected in G7 countries from Canada to Italy, including Britain and Germany. In France, an estimated eight cases are suspected.

The new school protocol goes into effect today

Less class closures, more tests. The new school health protocol, which restricts the number of closed classes while controlling the spread of the disease, goes into effect Monday.

In kindergartens and primary schools, classes will no longer be closed from the first case where Govt-19 was detected. Students who can give a negative test will be accepted into the class. For their part, students who test positive and students who refuse a parent test will be kept at home.

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Japan closes its borders to foreign visitors

In an effort to curb the spread of the Omigran variant, Japan announced that it would close its borders to all foreign visitors from November 30th.

In early November, the archipelago reopened its doors to business travelers, students and foreign coaches only. However there is no welcome for tourists.

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