May 18, 2024

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Mandatory gynecological tests: Australians to sue Qatar

Qatar faces justice. At the end of 2020, passengers on ten Qatar Airways flights departing from Doha underwent a gynecological examination to find the mother of an abandoned child in an airport toilet. Several months later, some plaintiffs – seven of the 13 Australians involved – decided to launch proceedings against the Qatari authorities in Australian justice.

This’“Send message to Qatari authorities that women cannot be treated like this”Damien Stursecker, the victims’ lawyer, told AFP he hoped passengers would receive proper forgiveness, compensation and protection as they passed through the airport.

For this, a complaint will be lodged “In the coming weeks” In Qatar against the Civil Air Authority, Hamad International Airport, Qatar Airways and the Government of Qatar. The legal action is also aimed at raising awareness, especially among women, a few months before the 2022 World Cup in the Gulf. “Despite the appearance of a highly developed and modernized airport and national airport, these events have occurred and they should be aware that nothing has prevented them from happening again.”, Advances Damien Sturchecker.

Qatar is a radical conservative Muslim monarchy where sexual relations and reproduction outside of marriage are punishable by imprisonment. As the incident poses threats to the country’s reputation, local authorities are determined to reassure in the future. “Attention and safety” Passengers. The Prime Minister also apologized and said the airport policeman who supervised the exams was guilty. However, as the country prepares to welcome thousands of foreign spectators as part of the 2022 World Cup, the country is struggling to convince skeptics of the credibility of its promises in terms of women’s rights, labor law and democracy.

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