June 21, 2024

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On the Ukrainian border, Matteo Salvini was publicly humiliated

On the Ukrainian border, Matteo Salvini was publicly humiliated


This Tuesday, March 8, was a difficult time for Matteo Salvini, who was mocked by the Polish mayor for believing he could buy a media platform in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis.

Ukrainian crisis – an advertising stunt. This Tuesday, March 8, when he believes positively Ukrainian crisis To buy an international site, the former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini Really suffered a terrible defeat.

A few kilometers from the Ukrainian city of Lviv, crossed the Polish border. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians The identity leader, who was ousted by the war, was to meet with the mayor of Presmislin for a joint statement to reporters. Surprisingly he has given his usual positions Against Immigrants and RefugeesHe hoped to deliver a speech in support of the displaced Ukrainians.

But what surprises him when Matteo Salvini’s narrator, Wojciech Bagun, insults him in front of TV cameras and harshly reprimands him for his admiration for Vladimir Putin.

The local elected official actually, in Polish language, offered Matteo Salvini to accompany him to the Ukrainian refugee camp on the nearby border. And it’s to see with his own eyes what his friend Putin did “, on the condition that he wear a special” gift “…

“Jester, clown!”

This is because in 2014 in Red Square in Moscow, Wojciech Bagun chose to stamp the T-shirt worn by Matteo Salvini with the portrait of the Russian president and the “Army of Putin”.

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The head of Lega then returned to his heels without speaking, much to the chagrin of the face of the stage, and under the cries of “buffoons” and “clowns” started by Italian photographers and journalists.

A catastrophic sequence, in Italy, was a constant mockery of the political scene. Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has said he will ask his fellow senators to return to the country soon. “I explained to him that what we need now is not politics, not pranks.”

Especially since a little earlier in his speech, Wojciech Bagun did not hesitate to point out the differences between his host of the day and others in the Italian political class. “We want to express our deepest value to all Italian organizations and to all the companies in Italy that support us,” he said.

Matteo Salvini, an ardent admirer of Eurosceptic and Vladimir Putin, is going through a particularly difficult political moment. His detractors are particularly reminiscent of his declarations of praise for the Russian president (“If men like him take the interest of their own citizens into account, it will take dozens of them” or “I will replace two presidents with half Putin against Matterella”) and even in costumes emblazoned with the image of the Kremlin master in the European Parliament. Photos that appeared. A liability that severely tarnished its image on Tuesday.

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