August 16, 2022

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Live – War in Ukraine: Macron wants to “fix” the army to “threats”

Macron calls for a “re-evaluation” of military programming law in light of the war

This week is expected in Romania and Moldova, where he is expected to visit the 500 soldiers recruited in Romania at the start of the Ukrainian conflict, and yet before visiting Que, Emmanuel Macron travels to the Eurocattery International Defense Exhibition near Paris this Monday. Demanded a reassessment of French military spending due to the war in Ukraine.

“I have asked the Minister (Armed Forces) and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to reconsider this Military Programming Act in light of the geopolitical context,” he said. France has entered into a war economy in which I believe we are going to organize ourselves for a long time to come.

Ukrainian forces were expelled from central Chevroletonetsk

Russian troops have chased Ukrainian troops out of the center of the main city in the eastern Ukrainian city of Chevrodonetsk, Ukrainian civil servants announced Monday that the two forces have been fighting for weeks.

“With the support of the artillery, the enemy attacked Severodonetsk, had some success and pushed our units back from the city center. The hostilities continue,” the military said on Facebook in its published morning update.

British intelligence says the Russians’ ability to cross the waterways will be crucial to the course of the war

In its daily update, the intelligence of the British Ministry of Defense assured that crossing the rivers in the Donbass would be a deciding factor in continuing Russian operations in the Donbass.

“Over the weekend, the war around Severodonetsk continued to rage. In the coming months, measures to cross the rivers will be decisive,” the report begins.

“In order to succeed in its current operation in the Donbass, Russia must either carry out ambitious support operations, or launch waterborne attacks,” the statement added.

Before concluding: “Ukrainian forces succeeded in destroying the bridges as they exited, while Russia had difficulty in obtaining the necessary coordination to carry out cross-border operations under enemy fire.”

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According to the governor of the Luhansk region, the situation in Chevroletonetsk is “very difficult”

The situation is becoming “very difficult” in Severodonetsk for Ukraine, which fears that Moscow will make all reserves there to take over this strategic city Donbass in the east of the country, from Monday or Tuesday.

“The enemy wants to completely isolate Chevroletonetsk by preventing men or ammunition from going any way,” Lukansk region Ukrainian Governor Sergei Qaida said Sunday, fearing that Russia would send all its reserves to the city “within 48 hours.” He admitted that the situation there was “very difficult”.

So far, the commander of the Ukrainian army Valery Salushny has promised that “we will continue to hold our positions” in the north of the Lukansk region, while regretting that “every meter of land (…) is included there”. Blood – but not only ours, but also the blood of the invaders.

Russia has earned 93 billion euros from its fossil exports in 100 days of war.

In the first 100 days of the war against Ukraine, Russia earned 93 billion euros in fossil fuel exports, most of which went to the European Union, a research center report released on Monday found, and specifically points to France.

The release by the Finnish-based Center for Energy and Clean Air Research (CREA) urges Ukraine to cut off all trade with Russia to stop feeding the Kremlin’s war chest.

The European Union recently imposed a gradual ban on its oil imports with exceptions. Russian gas, it depends so much, is not currently a concern.

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Zhelensky says more than 2,600 Russian ship missiles hit Ukraine

In his speech on Sunday evening, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said 2,606 cruise missiles have been aimed at his country since the start of the war.

The connection between the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and the IAEA was restored

Kyiv and the IAEA announced that links between the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Russian-controlled Zaporizhia (southern) and the International Atomic Energy Agency had been restored since early March.

On May 30, the Ukrainian operator Energoatom confirmed that the site of the power plant “has a data transfer agreement with the IAEA” when the Russians disconnected the Ukrainian mobile telephone operator Vodafone. Press release issued on Saturday evening in the Telegram.

“Thanks to the joint efforts of Energoatom and Vodafone, on Friday, June 10, the connection between the site’s nuclear material monitoring servers and the IAEA was restored,” Energoatom added.

In a statement on Twitter on Sunday evening, the IAEA confirmed that “data transfer had been restored after a technical interruption of almost two weeks”.

The report says that the number of nuclear weapons in the world will rise again in the coming decades

Russia’s nuclear threat and the return of tensions between the major powers: After 35 years of decline, the number of nuclear weapons in the world will begin to rise again in the coming decade, according to a key report released on Monday.

At the beginning of 2022, the nine countries with the “bomb” (Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea) had 12,705 nuclear weapons, or 375 less than at the beginning of 2021. , According to an estimate by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (CIPRI).

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From its absolute record in 1986 (more than 70,000 heads), this total is more than five, with the regular fall of the massive Russian and American armories built during the Cold War. But this unarmed era is definitely coming to an end, and a report by the Swedish Research Center says that the world’s arsenal must begin to improve again “in the next decade.”

Amnesty accuses Russia of war crimes in Ukraine

On Monday, Amnesty International accused Russia of war crimes in Ukraine, killing hundreds of civilians in a series of relentless attacks on Kharkiv, many of which were carried out by cluster munitions.

During an in-depth investigation, the human rights NGO said it had found evidence that Russian forces had used 9N210 and 9N235 cluster munitions and cluster munitions in seven attacks in the vicinity of Ukraine’s second largest city in the northeast. , Two categories prohibited by international treaties.

The report, entitled ‘Anyone can die at any time’, shows how Russian forces have been killing and inflicting heavy damage on Kharkiv residential areas since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.


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