June 21, 2024

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On Thursday, the new chief of staff, General Charles Q. Brown to be appointed by Biden

If confirmed by the Senate, his appointment would make him only the second African-American to serve in the highest post in the world’s most powerful military since Colin Powell in the 1990s.

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General Charles Brown currently heads the US Air Force. Arndt Wiegmann/Reuters

US President Joe Biden will announce his intention to appoint General Charles Brown, who currently commands the Air Force, to the top of the US military hierarchy, according to his official plan released by the White House on Thursday, May 25. He will be successful Mark MilleyThe present Chief of Staff has been in office since October 1, 2019, and his tenure is coming to an end.

CQ Brown, if confirmed by the Senate, would be the second African-American to hold the highest-ranking post in the world’s most powerful military since Colin Powell in the 1990s. Equally Black Defense Minister: Lloyd Austin. The current boss of the US Air Force is an experienced former pilot with 3,000 flight hours, including 130 combats. A brigade commander, he later served as commander of US Air Forces in the Middle East and Pacific.

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In the summer of 2020, following the death of George Floyd, the general was noticed amid “Black Lives Matter” protests against racism. A very senior officer released a video in which he recounted the discrimination he experienced, including in the army. In Air Force, “I was often the only African-American on my team, the highest-ranking officer, the only African-American in the room.”Then he said. “I feel the pressure to have a clean sheet, especially from my superiors who expected less of me as an African-American.” He also said that there is “worked twice as hard” to “Prove that the expectations and ideas of African Americans are unfounded.”

200 military appointments were blocked in the Senate

But before commanding all elements of the U.S. military, the soldier must confirm the president’s choice by the Senate. A practice far from formal: Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama has been deliberately blocking 200 pending military appointments for weeks. pregnancy (IVG). Once confirmed, he will take over from General Mark Milley.

Along with Secretary Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley spearheaded US military aid to Ukraine in the face of a Russian invasion. His path was also marked by the US defeat in Kabul in August 2021, when the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan and its capital at the end of a twenty-year war chronicled by Mark Milley.“Strategic Failure”.

Army should be kept out of politics, non-political and non-partisan”

Mark Milley, current US Army Chief of Staff

He drew attention at the end of the Trump era, when a book revealed the fact that he repeatedly contacted his Chinese counterpart to confirm the US position. This, without informing the current President, Donald Trump, worried him. General Milley expressed his dismay at being with Donald Trump when the president disbanded a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration in front of the White House. hand

Minister Austin and the general were targets of criticism from Republicans for their progressive or “woke” positions – prompting a strong backlash from the military. “We must leave the army out of politics and keep it apolitical and non-partisan”He announced in front of the members of Parliament.

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