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Pollution is no longer reduced to 541

According to the weekly figures released by the Regional Health Institute on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, this trend is no longer downward. The number of new cases, 541, is higher than last week, 482. The incidence rate is also slightly increasing.

On top of that 13 892 trials Carried out from October 4 to October 10, 2021. 541 were tested positive (Against 482 new cases in the previous week). The island counts 42 167 Total cases since the onset of the epidemic.

Positive ratio: 3.9% (Ratio of positive tests in all analyzes).

Event Rate: 151 (Number of cases over 7 days per 100,000 population), up from 134 last week.

112 Patients were hospitalized at Pierre Sopta Quidman Hospital (102) and Saint-Paul Clinic (10), of which 33 were in intensive care.

656 Deaths have been reported by CHUM (Central Hospital University de Martinique) since the onset of the epidemic. The previous week they were 639.

The dynamics of the epidemic will no longer slow down in 2021-40 weeks. Martinique is in stage 3 “epidemic”.

The positive rate was stable and the event line increased slightly, partly combined with the screening application. 15-44 year olds, especially 30-39 year olds recorded a 56% increase.

At the hospital level, the number of all service and complex care combinations was still declining. The delta variant is in the majority from week 2021-31.

Number of persons with complete immunization schedule (1st and 2nd injection): 112 171 (35.5% of the population is 12 and over).

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