May 21, 2024

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Russia has announced the partial evacuation of 18 occupied territories located near the front line.

Russia has announced the partial evacuation of 18 occupied territories located near the front line.

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11:33 p.m : You can find a summary of this Friday in our daily article dedicated to the evolution of the situation in Ukraine.

11:28 p.m : According to Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Khanna Maliar, Russia hopes to capture Bagmut by Tuesday, the day the victory over Nazi Germany is celebrated with great fanfare. Moscow’s trick, she says “Remove the Men from Wagner” for that “Replace with Parachute Assault Units” of the military.

11:27 p.m : Russian paramilitary group Wagner has threatened to withdraw its forces from Bagmouth, accusing Russian civil servants of looting ammunition. In this context, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov sent a telegram to the same employees “Surrender” In Bakhmout “And sort things out”.

4:09 p.m : Russia has announced the evacuation of 18 occupied territories in the Zaporizhia region, including the town of Ernerhodar, where the nuclear power plant is located. Ukraine “Bomb attacks have intensifiedIn this area in recent days, argues the regional manager established in Telegram Moscow, Evguéni Politsky. There is no question about the withdrawal of troops: the evacuation will primarily concern children and their parents, the elderly and disabled, and hospital patients.

3:50 p.m : If Wagner’s group withdraws its forces from the front, it will lose the support of Russia “Tens of thousands of men are now on the ground”, explained Lucas Aubin, an expert on Russia’s geopolitics within the Institute of International and Strategic Relations at FranceInfo. Yevgeny Prigozhin’s statements, as well as a possible drone attack on the Kremlin, “Show that there are difficulties at the top of the state in Russia, there are difficulties in mastering this ‘special military operation'”.

3:49 p.m : Carries Russian civil servants “Responsible for tens of thousands killed and injured” In Ukraine, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the paramilitary group Wagner, has made his direct attacks to date against the Russian defense minister. This morning, he had already announced that his troops would withdraw from Bagmouth on May 10 due to insufficient ammunition supplied by Moscow.

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3:27 p.m : The Senate floor is now accessible again after being targeted for hours by a cyber attack claimed by a pro-Russian group.

12:59 p.m : A group of pro-Russian hackers is demanding a cyber attack against the site of the French Senate, which has been inaccessible since this morning. In a message on Telegram, group NoName057(16) justifies its attack “France works with Ukraine on new ‘aid’ package that includes weapons”. “No hypothesis has been confirmed at this stage.”However, the Senate Communications Service warns.

11:54 : A new fire targeted by a drone strike at an oil refinery near Ukraine this Friday in southwestern Russia alerted local emergency services, cited by Russian news agencies.

11:14 am : Russian diplomatic chief Sergei Lavrov said this week’s alleged Ukrainian drone strike on the Kremlin could not have happened without the United States’ knowledge, while Washington and Kiev were not involved.

10:30 am : Russia’s paramilitary group Wagner has threatened to withdraw its fighters from the heart of the fighting in eastern Ukraine because of a lack of ammunition, blaming the military behind the contest. “We are going to take Bagmouth before May 9. Seeing this, the army officials stopped the supply of ammunition.)”, Yevgeny Prigozhin said.

10:28 : Lacking ammunition, Wagner’s group threatens to leave Bagmouth on May 10.