May 21, 2024

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[Société] Back to school: Demonstration in the rectum against health measures

For school masks, to be vaccinated in schools, they say no. For “discrimination” of vaccinated and unvaccinated students and teachers. Gathering in front of the rectal gate guarded by police this Thursday morning, about 150 people, parents and teachers, wanted to reaffirm their opposition to the health measures decided at the beginning of the school year.

A compound obtained by the Rector


“It’s a symbolic mobilization to say we do not agree as the beginning of the school year has been decided,” promises Jenny, a member of the association Collective Parents 974. It will be received by the end of the morning. Rector Chandel Manas-Ponniso on the delegation of teachers and Dr. Philip D. Chazournes. “We did not expect anything,” he admitted, resigning, adding that Jenny, along with other members who had received, would deliver letters from the parents of the students and clarify the protocol decided at the beginning of the school year.

Two new dates to resist

Many protesters, parents as teachers, reaffirmed their opposition to the decision, and two signs were ticked off as some symptoms thrive on “not touching genfents”.


First this Monday, August 17, at the beginning of the school year: a call was launched for schools to take action before. “Kids go to school because it’s important to them, but on the other hand we shouldn’t accept the abuse that happens there,” Jenny said, inviting volunteers to distribute flyers and put up posters. So everyone can get the information and make their choice.

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Then on Monday, August 23, the so-called “vacant schools” were launched. “Say No to Masks, Vaccines and Healthy Pass for Young People”.

Gillian Gerbrat