June 23, 2024

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Taliban call on Afghanistan to address UN General Assembly

Formerly fired government ambassador A Further He was asked to address members of the United Nations in New York.

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Who will represent Afghanistan? Taliban-appointed Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttahida Qaumi Movement (UN)

The United Nations has not yet decided who will represent the country at the meeting, which began on Tuesday. The ambassador of the ousted government has also been asked to speak. Competing has two demands on hand “Accreditation Commission”, Said a UN spokesman.

Most governments around the world have not yet recognized the Taliban-appointed government, which has previously demanded that it meet a number of conditions, such as respecting women’s rights and allowing those who wish to leave Afghanistan.

In the case of two requests for diplomatic representation for one member state, committee members often refrained from determining eligibility by referring the question to the General Assembly to decide on the vote.

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