February 27, 2024

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The cast of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants reunites

The cast of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants reunites

We are gathered here today to celebrate the magical gift given to us: A The brotherhood of the traveling pants Reunion!

America Ferrera, Blake Lively, Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel, who starred as four best friends who share a magical pair of jeans in the 2005 film and its 2008 sequel, posed for photos together as they celebrated Ferrera’s Critics’ Choice Awards nomination at a special screening Barbie In New York City on Friday.

“Sisterhood came out in pink to celebrate my performance in it Barbie Last night,” Ferreira He commented on her Instagram post. “I love these women with all my heart.”

Even though it’s been 15 years since the last film, Sisterhood is still very strong off screen. In 2018, Ferrera shared a snapshot on Instagram of the foursome celebrating the news of her pregnancy. writing“Starting the new year with my sister’s blessings.”

The cast told EW in 2013 that they only grew closer in the years after filming the original film.

“We’ve been a part of each other’s lives in really meaningful ways that go beyond just making a movie together,” Ferreira said. “We almost forget that we made a movie together because our friendship grew out of so many other experiences. The fact that our friendship started on this beautiful movie that was so meaningful to all of us and our lives and our careers and our friendship, we’re always grateful for that.”

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“The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants.”
Zia Pera / Warner Bros

At the time, Ferrera also expressed her hopes for a potential third film. “Book Five [Sisterhood Everlasting] “The movie starts 10 years after the fourth book, so the characters are all basically the ages we are now,” she said. “I know the four of us will love it [to make another film]And it’s going to be great.”

Speaking with EW in 2017, Tamblyn confirmed that a third film had been “in development for a while,” adding, “I have very high hopes for it to happen sooner rather than later.”

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