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The court authorized Donald Trump to send the documents to Congress

The dam that Donald Trump is trying to build to slow down the progress of the parliamentary investigation Attack on Capitol, January 6, by his supporters Can give way. A U.S. court has ruled that documents related to the historic attack should be sent to Congress on Tuesday, November 9.

“The public interest seeks a favorable response to the joint will of the legislative and executive branches to study the events up to January 6,” the court said., Federal Judge Tanya Sutkan wrote in her conclusion, which was broadcast by several American media outlets.

Donald Trump, in particular, wanted to prevent hundreds of documents, including lists of people who met or invited him on the day of the attack on Capitol, from being circulated to a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives inquiry committee.

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More than 770 pages of documents include the files of his former CEO Mark Meadows, his former senior adviser Stephen Miller and his former deputy adviser Patrick Bilpin. Mr Trump hoped to block the White House’s daily newspaper account of his activities, travels, explanations and phone calls.

Other documents the former president did not want to see in Congress included memos to his former press secretary Kaylee McNani, a handwritten note on the January 6 events and a draft text of his speech at an earlier “Save America” ​​rally. Attack.

The Republican millionaire insisted on the executive’s right to keep certain information confidential. “Presidents are not kings, plaintiffs are not presidents”However, Judge Tanya Sutkan struck out in the court document. The government says Donald Trump’s lawyers have already expressed interest in appealing the ruling. Washington Post.

New round missions

The judge’s announcement comes as a parliamentary committee investigating the attack on Congress began a new round of deliberations on Tuesday for relatives of the former president. Among those targeted was Kaylee McNani, a White House spokeswoman in the final year of the Republican millionaire’s decree.

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“As a spokesman for the White House, you have issued a number of public statements in the White House and elsewhere regarding alleged fraud in the November 2020 election. [des allégations] The people who attacked the Capitol on January 6 echoed “, The Commission mentions in the summons as the plaintiff against Thiruku.Me McNani.

Kaylee McNani, then spokeswoman for the White House, was speaking at a news conference in Washington on June 8, 2020.
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He was only 31 years old when he accepted his post on April 7, 2020Me Magnani, a graduate of the prestigious Harvard Law School, has always been seen as a staunch advocate of Trumpism. In February 2020, when he reduced the threat posed by President Gov. 19, he promised the conservative Fox News Channel: ” This president will always put the United States first. He will always protect American citizens. We do not see diseases like corona coming here. “

More than one hundred and fifty people have already been interviewed

Stephen Miller, a close adviser to Donald Trump, has also been summoned to appear. Shortly before the attack on Congress, he had prepared with his group the speech of the Republican millionaire at a January 6 rally not far from the White House. And without any foundation – the election was stolen from him.

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Mr Trump’s other relatives, including Nicolas Luna, an aide to former president, Christopher Little, a former vice president of the White House, and Keith Kellogg, a former national security adviser.

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“We hope that the witnesses who testified today have relevant information and we expect them to co-operate with the investigation.”, Said Penny Thompson, chairman of the commission, of the elected Democrats.

The parliamentary committee on Monday announced other calls, including members of the former president’s campaign team Michael Flynn, his first national security adviser, Or his campaign manager Bill Stephen. As part of the investigation, the commission has already interviewed more than 150 people, according to Republican nominee Liz Cheney.

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