May 24, 2024

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The German admiral ordered an explanation after controversial remarks about Russia

Among other things, he described the intentions stated by NATO allies to Russia to occupy Ukraine as “false.”

After the description of the German Navy Commander K-Achim Schnbach, among others, “Incompetence“We learned on Saturday from the Ministry of Defense of Russia’s intentions to invade Ukraine by NATO allies.

What Vladimir Putin wants,To be respectedA video of Vice Admiral Shanbach during a think tank meeting in New Delhi on Friday has gone viral.

It is easy to give him the respect he wants, and even merit“Russia wants to occupy part of Ukraine,” he said.A nonsense.

These reports “Does not in any way apply to the position of the German Ministry of Defense“, Created one of its spokespersons contacted by AFP.

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The Admiral must explain himself

To be done by the Deputy AdmiralTo take a position“, In plain English to explain”To the Chief of Defense Staff“The highest ranking in the Bundeswehr hierarchy, he adds.

The navy chief’s remarks come amid a Russian-Western crisis surrounding Ukraine.

With tens of thousands of Russian troops still concentrated on the Ukrainian border, serious diplomatic efforts are being made on both sides to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

After initially posting a tweet saying his comments were his, Mr. Schonbach apologized.

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Thus he qualified for his announcementsThoughtless. ⁇No need to shout: it’s a mistake“, He wrote.

According to Der Spiegel, the soldier’s remarks, which have so far been reprehensible, have greatly annoyed the top echelons of the German government, led by the Social Democrat. Olaf Scholes.

According to the newspaper, Secretary of Defense Christine Lambrecht held a video conference with Chief Executive Officer Eberhard Sorn in the morning to define how the case would be handled.