May 27, 2024

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The health pass will only be required at 64 shopping centers from Wednesday

11:08 a.m .: Philippines: Restrictions lifted in Manila despite lawsuits erupting

Officials announced Monday that Manila’s prison will be removed this week and replaced by local measures, in an effort to curb the corona virus infection.

Over the past month, more than 13 million people in the capital, Manila, have been detained in an attempt to curb the record number of cases linked to the delta variant.

With the archipelago recording more than 20,000 daily cases in the past three days, the decision to lift the restrictions until Wednesday is more than double the number of pollutants recorded at the start of the regulation.

Faced with patient arrivals and a shortage of nurses, hospitals are overflowing.

10:48 am: “We will not vaccinate collectively”

“We are approaching joint immunity. We need to be calm and move there gradually. It will take a little longer than expected, but collective immunization will be given,” he promised. Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Diseases at the Paris Hospital of La Pitche Sulfatry.

According to him, “Zero Covit’s is a pipe dream”: “We’re going back with the virus, which will join the group of four other corona viruses we have lived with for decades, if not centuries.”

10:17 a.m .: In Polynesia, a day of prayer for Govt victims

With the twenty-seven people who died of the Covit-19 disease and their families with twenty-seven names, Father Christophe began Sunday morning at the Pope’s Cathedral with a day of prayer dedicated to the victims of the epidemic. Invited by the Polynesian government.

“If faced with the threat, we will certainly be strong in the unity of our people and in the support of our Heavenly Father,” wrote Edward Fritz, the head of government who called for unity in prayer and purpose. Peace and Healing, Sunday, September 5, to mark International Charity Day.

The law separating the churches and the state of 1905 does not apply in Polynesia, which is a predominantly religious area, with the Protestant Mahoy Church and the Catholic Church sharing the majority of the faith.

So an ecumenical ceremony took place before the day of meditation. In a small group due to imprisonment, it was broadcast late on local TV channels.

9:57 a.m .: New Zealand lifts national control except Auckland

Prime Minister Jacinta Artern announced on Monday that New Zealand would end national control of the archipelago this week, noting that it would be in effect in Auckland, the epicenter of the Govt-19 epidemic in the country.

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From Tuesday to Wednesday night, about three million New Zealanders will be able to leave again and schools will reopen on Thursday, for the first time in three weeks, Ms Artern said.

8:54 am: Health pass will be requested only in 64 shopping centers from Wednesday

Bruno Le Myr announced on BFMTV today that the health pass will be requested only in 64 shopping centers in 9 sectors from Wednesday instead of 178 in 27 sectors.

“The Prime Minister decided with Oliver Groom [le ministre de la Santé] As of Wednesday, we will be canceling the duty of the health pass to all shopping centers of more than 20,000 square meters, in areas where less than 200 occur per 100,000 people, as the event has been declining for a week. “, The Minister noted.

The health boss also assured the minister that “this is very good for the economy”. “Health Pass protects consumers, so it protects our economy. Only one sector has had an impact, I agree, which are shopping centers,” he noted.

8:38 am: “We aim to reach the same level we had before the crisis by the end of 2021.”

The Minister of Economy announced a “new” economic objective on BFMTV on Monday morning: “To achieve the same functionality that existed before the crisis by the end of 2021 instead of the beginning of 2022”.

“Growth is on track,” the minister assured, predicting 4% growth in 2022 against 6% in 2022.

8:35 a.m .: Some foreigners are allowed on an important pilgrimage to Iraq

Health officials announced on Sunday that Iraq would only allow 40,000 foreigners, including 30,000 Iranians, on a Shia pilgrimage from Arbine to the holy city of Kerbala at the end of September due to the epidemic.

Prior to the outbreak, millions of Shia pilgrims flocked to Kerbala in central Iraq each year to mark the end of 40 days of mourning for Imam Hussein, the third Shia Muslim to die in 680.

7.35 am

According to a survey released by the Federation of SMEs (CPME) on Monday, one-third (34%) of SMEs in France expect their situation to worsen in the second half of 2021.

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From August 18 to 31, 1,153 managers of SMEs and tiny companies (TPEs) responded that more than four in 41 (41%) forecast a similar situation and expect 26% improvement.

For the first semester, it reported a decline from 32% to 39% reporting improvement compared to the previous quarter.

Recruitment difficulties were reported by 44% of responding companies, most of whom (57%) were forced to abandon projects or contracts.

Nearly four in ten companies report that their financial situation is deteriorating due to the health crisis, but it has improved for 22% of them.

7:24 am: Tourism: “Local” travelers save the season in Europe

Visitors from all over Asia and the Atlantic are missing out, but thanks to “local” customers who travel to Europe this summer, sunny spots are a bonus.

“In July and August, we crossed 2 million visitors, which we have not seen since 2019,” said Greek Tourism Minister Harris Theocaris until the restoration at the end of August.

Spain, the world’s second-largest tourist destination after France in 2019, welcomed 4.4 million tourists in July, up 78% from 2020, according to its National Statistics Agency, but was 9.9 million before the epidemic in 2019.

The Mediterranean coast is favorable, especially in Catalonia where companies recorded an aggression rate of close to 95% in August. The French outnumbered the Germans (707,000) and British (555,000) (874,000 combinations), who previously represented the largest foreign audience.

According to Sebastian Monso, a partner at Roland Berger and a tourism expert, French tourism has enjoyed “a great summer”.

And this is mainly thanks to the French: of the 37 million people who went on vacation this summer, 85% stayed in the country, says Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, secretary of state in charge of tourism.

6:53 am: Brazil-Argentina match stopped by health officials

Lionel Messi and Neymar have reunited with their selections, ending Sunday’s Brazil-Argentina match with the intervention of Brazilian health officials, and four Argentine players playing in the UK have been accused of violating ethics in the intervention of Brazilian health officials. Govt.

Representatives from Anvisa Health Institute and the Federal Police were given a kickoff five minutes before the meeting was to end.

After spending more than two hours in the locker room, Argentina headed to the terminal to leave Brazil territory without delay.

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In addition, Manchester City substitute goalkeeper Zach Stephen will miss the next two matches of the U.S. team that qualifies for the World Cup-2022 after a positive test for Covit-19, the US Federation (US Soccer) announced on Sunday. .

6:07 a.m .: The weather can’t wait for the epidemic to end

Despite the Govt-19 epidemic, the world is arguing in the planet’s leading medical journals in an unprecedented editorial on Monday on the “urgent” measures to be taken against global warming and the destruction of nature that threatens human health.

The authors of twenty prestigious journals write, “Health has already changed due to global warming and natural disasters.” The Lancet, The British Medical Journal Where National Medical Journal of India.

“High temperatures have led to an increase in dehydration and kidney problems, malignant skin tumors, tropical infections, mental health problems, pregnancy complications, allergies and death, and cardiovascular and lung diseases.”

5:51 a.m .: “Restart train” crosses France

The “restart train” departs from Paris today and runs until October 2. It will be used to promote details of a ப 100 billion public assistance program launched a year ago. The train will run in Renes on September 13 and 14, in Le Mans on September 15 and 16, in Limoges on September 20 and 21, in Toulouse on September 22 and 23, or in Saint-Etienne on September 27 and 28.

At the end of August, 47 billion euros was “pledged” for concrete projects as part of the “France Restart” plan. “The government aims to set aside 70 70 billion by the end of the year,” Madiknon said.

5:47 a.m .: 20% drop in new cases in a week

The fourth wave continues to mark time, and does not seem to start again at the beginning of the school year as some have feared. “We have a fourth wave of positive developments, with 20% of new cases falling in a week,” recalled Health Director Jorem Solomon on BFMTV on Sunday.

Statistics reported from hospitals confirm Jerome Solomon’s report: The number of patients admitted to the hospital for Covid-19 was 10,644 (-10 in 24 hours) for the sixth day in a row, with 49 additional deaths counted (-6), including 2,217 patients in maintenance reviews.