February 27, 2024

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Travis Kelce is reportedly planning a birthday party for Taylor

Travis Kelce is reportedly planning a birthday party for Taylor

Illustration: By The Cut; Photos: Getty Images

It’s Taylor Swift’s birthday today – do you know what to get her yet? Travis Kelce is reportedly giving the 34-year-old a huge birthday gift, so if that’s your plan too, I’d go back to the drawing board.

A source said Us Weekly That Kelsey “wants to throw the best party possible” for his pop star girlfriend. That’s a tough one, considering Beyoncé once looked up to her I went to Swift’s birthday party. How are you supposed to top that? According to the source, “money is no object” to the Chiefs, and he wants all of Swift’s “close friends” to be there. Well, I’m not sure this is better than having Beyoncé there, but it sounds fun.

On Tuesday, Swift shared what she calls Tabs A Pre-Christmas celebration.. That’s when you go to Zero Bond with Selena Gomez, Miles Teller, and Kelly Teller. It’s also when you skip time Personality of the year party to hang out with your friends, even though you were timeperson of the Year. Not on hand was Kelsey, who I imagine was busy supplying party hats and Mylar balloons bearing the number 34.

Another source told the newspaper that Kelsey’s concert will be held in New York City Us Weekly. This opens a world of possibilities. Will Jack Antonoff snog with Donna Kelsey in the box? Will Swift Dare Head out to Brooklyn and party in the new place Ray in Greenpoint? Will Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend/famous Eagles fan Bradley Cooper be able to park Jason Kelce on Via Carota? Only time – and the paparazzi photos and DeuxMoi posts – will tell.

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