March 4, 2024

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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been hospitalized again

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been hospitalized again

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, whose secret hospitalization in January sparked controversy, was re-hospitalized on Sunday, February 11, and handed over his duties to his deputy, the Defense Department announced, this time to the White House and Congress. Notified immediately.

Suffering from prostate cancer and recently undergoing surgery, Mr. Austin was taken to a military compound in suburban Washington. An urgent bladder problem », ministry spokesman Pat Ryder said in a statement.

“At approximately 4:55 this evening, Secretary Austin changed duties” From the Department to Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks. It assumes “Activities” Mr. Austin, the spokesman continued. A few hours ago, Mr. The Pentagon noted that Austin was present “Returned to hospital with necessary classified and unclassified communication systems” To fulfill its functions.

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Avoid the new buzz

During the press conference held on 1stR In February, Mr. Austin apologized for keeping his cancer a secret, causing a stir in the country. Because in the middle of an election year, with the United States embroiled in two major conflicts in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, and unbeknownst to President Joe Biden, in December and January, Mr. Austin underwent two surgeries and was hospitalized. about this.

“That was a mistake.”, the minister admitted during this press conference, to which he still had a tough stance. Mr. Austin mentioned that he had “directly” Mr. Apologized to Biden, and reacted to Biden “with grace”. The affair surprised even the Democratic camp and prompted calls from Republicans for Lloyd Austin to resign.

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This time, his ministry promptly announced his new hospitalization: the media was informed two hours after his departure for Walter Reed Hospital. Notifications have been sent to the White House and Congress, according to Pat Ryder. The controversy over his health issues comes as U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria continue to be targeted by attacks by Iran-backed militias, according to Washington.

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