June 23, 2024

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Video – Afghanistan: The Taliban call for help amid the threat of famine

Report – The famine in Afghanistan is increasing every day, forcing the Taliban to appeal to international aid. But the regime’s policy worries Western nations, which have halted their support programs.

Going down to hell continues in Afghanistan: After months of drought, following catastrophic floods, malnutrition continues to plague people. It is now facing severe snowfall in the northern and central part of the country, further revealing its predicament and dangerous nature. In the streets of the capital, Kabul, covered with a white line over images of the TF1 20H report above this article, a few passersby are constantly trying to avoid falling scales and heating themselves up in the fire. Pavement, some flames lit by pieces of cardboard in a metal box.

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Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

“We have no money, we have nothing. We are deeply hungry. What can we do?”, A woman who is bending over near this fire, throws a baby in her arms. “If we had bread, why did we leave our warm homes?”, Asks a passerby. “I went out to find a piece of bread for my eight family members.” Many Afghans are no longer able to warm themselves as they are subjected to regular power outages in their country.

In the face of the urgency of the humanitarian situation, the Taliban have already been asking the US to stop freezing their bank assets, but since Friday, January 7, they have introduced an SOS for the entire planet.

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More than half of the population is at risk of starvation

“Now in different places, people have no food, no shelter, no warm clothes or money.”Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Gani Bharathar said in a video message released by the state media. “We urge the international community, NGOs and all nations not to forget our poor people.”, he said. Recognizing the helplessness of the regime in a country where more than half of the 38 million people are at risk of starvation, according to several NGOs. The United Nations has warned that Afghanistan is on the brink of one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world.

Until then, up to 90% of the state’s operating budget relied on international assistance for many years. But before the fall of Kabul on August 15, donors cut their water pipes as the Taliban gradually returned to power, gradually seizing many areas from the Afghan government with the support of the United States and its allies. The regime is not recognized by any international government.

“Afghan soldiers and civil servants have not been paid for months. Fahimeh Robiolle, a lecturer at ESSEC and the University of Kabul and vice-president of the France-Afghanistan Club, explains. The health structures are no longer functioning and there is no humanitarian assistance. “

Tightening the noose on women, the Taliban deny any international “political affiliation”

Which state or agency agrees to restart payments, however, as the regime tightens its controls, mainly on women? In many regions, public bathing is forbidden to them, and they are no longer allowed to travel long distances without going with a man. Posters pasted on the streets urge people to wear niqab and burqa.

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The Taliban have even established their control over shop windows: in the images of a video, the models are beheaded by a saw. “Shopkeepers should cut off the heads of mannequins, and clothes should cover their bodies”, Aziz Rahman in a video, Head of the Department for the Promotion of Charity and Prevention of Herat Spouse. “It will not cause any problems for these traders, but it will be good for them, for the nation and for us, and it will prevent harm.”

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The Taliban are asking for help as the country faces collapse “Without any political affiliation”. Until now, foreign aid has accounted for 43% of the country’s GDP, or more than seven billion euros each year. Thus the countries are trying to help the country by ignoring any support for the regime.

In December, the UN. The Security Council passed a resolution granting one year’s humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan. “Good Step” By the Taliban. The 57 countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have pledged to set up donation funds and try to open up a portion of the country’s assets.

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