May 27, 2024

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Volcano in Tonga Islands: Social Networks show the magnitude of the eruption and tsunami

Heard hundreds of kilometers around, a volcanic eruption drove residents of the islands of Tonga to heights this Saturday, January 15th. The submarine Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’bai was hit by a new volcano that caused a tsunami of about 1.2 meters.

Many residents have shared videos of the disaster on social media. According to Fiji officials, the eruption lasted for eight minutes and sounded like ‘distant thunder’ on the Fiji Islands 800 km away.

Many impressive images of the eruption seen from different satellites are spreading.

According to the Pompiers de France Twitter account, which shares satellite images of the explosion, its explosive power was “a hundred times” equal to the atomic bomb used in Hiroshima (Japan) in 1945.

For its part, La Chaîne Météo released an impressive video of the first waves linked to the tsunami warning, which was released to warn people.

The sky quickly turned black from the volcanic cloud, and the locals broadcast with lightning as they considered a night to be day.

The tsunami is expected to reach Japan on Saturday, with the Japan Meteorological Agency forecasting three-meter waves.

In the United States, the Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami alert on the west coast as Hawaii was hit by floods. Chile’s National Emergency Response Team (ONEMI) has warned of a possible tsunami in Easter Island and other Chilean islands following a volcanic eruption in the Tonga Islands.

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