April 14, 2024

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What to remember from Thursday, June 15

What to remember from Thursday, June 15

The situation is “serious” but assessed by the head of the IAEA, who visited the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporijjia on Thursday after a dam was destroyed in a stabilization operation.

The Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Raphael Croci, visited the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia on Thursday, June 15. His visit was significant to determine whether the installation was endangered by the destruction of the Khakovka Dam on the Ukrainian river Dnipro, whose water was used to cool six of its reactors. This comes as Kyiv continues to report little progress on the front. Francinfo looks back at the highlights of the day.

“Extreme” but stabilized situation at Zaporizhia power station

“We can observe on the one hand that the situation is serious, there are consequences, they are real”, Rafael Croci, after spending three hours at the Zaporizhia power station, occupied by the Russians last year. The IAEA director postponed the trip by a day when Ukrainian forces launched an attack on Russian positions in the south and east of Ukraine. “At the same time, steps are being taken to rectify the situation“, he added, without specifying what these measures were.

Raffaele Croci The Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant is estimated to be the largest nuclear power plant in Europe “Enough Water”. “I could see the cooling tank (…) the irrigation gates, the canals that were an essential system for cooling” The plant, he repeated.

Slight Ukrainian “advances” on the front

Fighting continues after an attack by the Ukrainian army. In the south, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Khanna Maliar on Thursday A “Gradual but sure progress” Players from kyiv, despite a “Powerful Resistance” Russian troops have been building defenses there for months. “Ukrainian Armed Forces Face Total Mining of Fields”She underlines, and points out “Use of Explosive Drones” And “Extreme Shell”.

According to Khanna Maliar, Ukrainian forces advanced “more than three kilometers” For the past ten days in the devastated eastern city of Baghmoud, which Moscow said it captured in May. All in all, the Ukrainian army took over “Exceeding 100 square kilometers” A week of fighting, a senior staff officer said.

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Overnight, Russia also continued its strikes on Ukrainian urban centers. President Volodymyr Zelensky’s hometown came under missile attack for the second time in three days.

On September 10, Russia announces local elections in the occupied territories

The Russian Election Commission announced on Thursday that it will hold local elections in the Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine on September 10. And it said that they will be merged in September 2022. These polls are aimed at electing regional councils and municipal councils, according to the organization. Despite fighting there, Moscow only partially controls Luhansk and Donetsk in the east, Zaporizhia and Kherson in the south.