July 21, 2024

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‘Wheel of Fortune’ is lost due to ‘humiliation’ to reach a ‘lifelong dream’

‘Wheel of Fortune’ is lost due to ‘humiliation’ to reach a ‘lifelong dream’

“Wheel of Fortune” contestant Christopher Coleman is tired of his name being dragged in the mud.

Coleman Noon Tuesday Night “wheel of fortune” An episode where he and his fellow players, Thomas Lipscombe and Laura Machado, cause an altercation when nothing happened. Guess the correct answer to the riddle: “Another feather in your hat.”

On Thursday, Coleman spoke of his sense of sarcasm, TMZ . says About the widespread hostility he felt after the episode aired.

“Wheel of Fortune” contestant Christopher Coleman opened up about his experience with the long-running game show.
Wheel of Fortune / ABC

“This expression [‘Another feather in your cap,’] It’s something I learned when I was six or seven years old. But I haven’t heard it in over 30 years and so it’s been a long time for me,” he began.

“You also get a lot of scrutiny and pressure when you’re in production,” Coleman said of being on the set of “Fortune.” “A lot of people are sitting at home on their comfy sofa, yelling and yelling at the TV, when [the contestants] They are the people in real time and in real time, who are trying to guess and figure out what this puzzle is.”

wheel of fortune
The correct riddle that confused the contestants was “Another feather in your hat”.
wheel of fortune

“The sad part is that people say we [the contestants] They weren’t smart and were trying to belittle our college degrees.

Then Coleman wrote a few words about the “trolls” that came to him on social media. “What I would say to the trolls is: ‘Get up there. Half of you don’t even have public speaking skills. You go on the Wheel of Fortune and you go to where we were standing. “And then it will be a whole other conversation when they go out and make donkeys themselves.”

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He explained that this moment was an “isolated incident” and he wanted people “more sympathy, more grace and understanding.”

“Just be cool with me and the other contestants because we’re very educated people and we don’t want to be put in a situation where we get subjugated and publicly humiliated on a show that was a lifelong dream,” Coleman noted.

He concluded by saying that although he doesn’t have “a lot of regrets” in life, if he “knew then what I know now”, he would have solved the puzzle correctly rather than spin the wheel on his second try.

“This is where I went wrong and I take full responsibility,” he said.

wheel of fortune
Christopher Coleman, Thomas Lipscombe, and Laura Machado appeared on Tuesday night’s show.
wheel of fortune

Host Pat Sajak jumped up to defend the contestants on his show yesterday and posted a lengthy thread on Twitter telling viewers “Little heart.”

“It always hurts me when nice people come into our show to play a game, make some money and maybe fulfill a dream for a lifetime, and then get laughed at online when they do something wrong or something goes wrong,” Sajak, 75, wrote. .

The trivial information show host added in part, “These are good people in a bad situation under the kind of tension that you can’t begin to appreciate when you’re on your couch. Nice laughter is one thing. Heck, they laugh at themselves. But hey, cut them some slack. Unless Be there, you have no idea how different the studio is.”