Cell Phones in the Theatre – Opinion Piece

By Bobbi Guire

So you are seeing a live performance and your phone buzzes. Do you check it? Because you really shouldn’t. It’s actually pretty rude to both your fellow audience members and the actors on stage. Contrary to what you may think, the actors can see you when you are on your phone. It causes a distraction and can throw the cast and crew off. Say you see something that really catches your eye and you want to take a picture…should you? What some of you may not know is that taking pictures during a performance is actually illegal. There have been many stars that have spoken out about this topic, most famously Patti Lupone. There is a video of her yelling at a person in the audience that was on their phone during one of the shows she was performing in. So next time you go see a live performance sit back and enjoy the show, get immersed into what is in front of you, and more importantly, stay off your phone.

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