Alex Adler kicks Zack Hyman out from the start after a knee injury

Vancouver Canucks defender Alex Edler, who forced the Toronto maple leaves forward, was fined a five-minute big penalty and a sports misconduct in the knee. Zach Hyman From the Sunday game.

The blow came when Hyler was caught with his outstretched right foot at the end of a long shift to Edler in the second period.

Hyman lay down for a while in apparent pain, pushing the tunnel down. When head coach Shelton Keef said after the team found out more on Monday, the team later announced he would not return to the game.

“It was a very bad win,” teammate William Nylander told reporters after the game.

It took place without a point in the six minutes of snow before Adler left. Hyman had no points at 5:49 p.m.

Wayne Simmonds Following Hyman’s exit he went all the way to the third line with Alex Gerboot and Ilya Mikiev.

Aston Matthews Adler will score in the power play after ending the much-publicized drought for the benefit of the Toronto man, but that was not enough as the leaves fell 3-2 over Po Harvard’s winner.

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