Hawick could be in line for a new supermarket garden center if projects get the green light

Harrick, Morrisons on Mart Street.
Harrick, Morrisons on Mart Street.

Morrisons has submitted a planning application to the Scottish Boundaries Council to set up an area of ​​its car park with its sales outlet on Mart Street.

A report submitted with the application describes the project: “Establishing a garden center within the existing car park and working on the associated white lining car park”.

The application agent is Glasgow-based Smith Designs Associates.

Harrick, Morrisons on Mart Street.

No detailed design report has been submitted yet.

More than 100 of Morrisons’ more than 500 stores in the UK have plantation centers.

The initiative has the support of Hawick and Denhome Councilor Stuart Marshall, who hopes it will move forward.

He said: “I know a lot of people who travel frequently out of town to buy supplies for their gardens, and Morrisons now offers plenty of plants and other garden equipment as a gateway to the store, especially at this time of year, which can become very crowded.

“One can fully understand and support their plans to relocate and expand this side of the business to a more appropriate location within their grounds.

“I hope these projects will travel. Once completed, I hope this new facility will help secure the future of the business as well.”

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