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Here’s everything you can do with Copilot, the generative AI assistant on Windows 11

Here’s everything you can do with Copilot, the generative AI assistant on Windows 11

Despite a lot of skepticism, AI — especially generative AI that produces text and images from prompts — is still being pushed into the hardware and software we use every day.

Microsoft has been active in this space, adding chatbot AI capabilities to its Bing search engine earlier this year, and is now previewing an early version of its new Copilot AI assistant in Windows 11.

Copilot is designed to “enhance your creativity and productivity.” Microsoft saysIt works in a similar way to Bing’s chatbot, and is able to offer everything from travel advice to an original poem.

To get Copilot in Windows 11, make sure you’re running the latest version of the operating system: Head to Windows Update In settings to check (you may need to turn on Get the latest updates as soon as they are available Electrical disconnect switch).

By default, you should see a Copilot button on your taskbar, which you can click to launch it (head to… Personalization then Taskbar In settings if you want to change this). You can also run Copilot using win + c Keyboard shortcut, or through the Start menu.

Generate text and images

If you’re completely new to generative AI, just dive in and try something: You can ask Copilot to compose a short poem, the introduction to a cover letter, or the body of an email to a coworker. When you start a new conversation, you’ll see that you can choose between More creativity, More balancedAnd more accurate Conversation modes, just like Bing Chat on the web, so you can adjust how creative Copilot is in its responses.

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It’s not just about creating text, because you can ask questions on Copilot as well. Thanks to its links to Bing and the web, it can tell you what attractions to see in a particular place, give you cooking tips and recipes, or offer advice on the best ways to fix a DIY problem at home. You will see that responses come with links to the online source of information.

You can choose your Copilot conversation style.

Microsoft via David Nield