June 13, 2024

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“If there is an attack, the answer will be, and the cost will be very high,” says Emmanuel Macron

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23h49 : Belarus will engage in military training on its soil Life partners with Russia, February 10 to 20. But the United States hopes these measures will go ahead “Unusual Way” And could forecast a permanent Russian military presence in this former Soviet republic.

23h47 : US warns Belarus “Fast” And “Closed” If Russia is allowed to use its territory to attack Ukraine. “If Russian troops are permanently stationed on its border, NATO may reconsider its position on Belarusian border countries.”And US diplomatic spokesman Nate Price warned.

21h08 : US President Joe Biden says he does not have “Not the purpose” dSending US or NATO troops to Ukraine, believing there will be a Russian invasion “The Great Impact” And “Change the World”. However, Washington announced yesterday that it was keeping a vigil of 8,500 troops to strengthen the Western military alliance.


19h40 : Emmanuel Macron will hold a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Friday. The President of the French Republic spoke with German Chancellor Olaf Scholes during a press conference.


18h47 : For example, a meeting of diplomatic advisers is scheduled for tomorrow in Paris in the presence of France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. The format was renamed “Normandy” to mark an informal meeting in Ouistreham in June 2014 during the T-Day celebrations. All four countries dealt with the issue of conflict in Donbass.

18h46 : “We are preparing in parallel [du dialogue] Response to a general reaction and aggression event. If there should be An aggression [de la Russie en Ukraine]The answer will be and the cost will be very high. “

However, Emmanuel Macron recalled that the dialogue continued in several ways: between the United States and Russia, between Russia and NATO, within the framework of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), known as “Normandy”. “Form, and between the EU and Russia.

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18h37 : Emmanuel Macron announced on Friday that he would meet Vladimir Putin on the phone.

18h43 : “If an attack happens [de la Russie en Ukraine]The answer will be and the cost will be very high “Warned Emmanuel Macron, after an interview with German Chancellor Olaf Scholes in Berlin.

18h26 : In response to the situation on the Ukrainian border, the United States has placed 8,500 troops on alert, and they could be ready in five days to strengthen the military coalition’s rapid reaction force of 40,000 troops. Moscow condemns this warning. For Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for the Russian presidency, the United States has thus sparked a new initiative. “Increased tensions”.

16h27 : Moscow rejects plans to invade Ukraine, Kremlin insists on written guarantees for its security, including Kiev’s promise not to join NATO. “I believe Russia’s fears can be allayed, and we can find a path to mutual protection through patience and policy diplomacy until President Putin avoids it,” he said. A trap to start a terrible war “Said Boris Johnson.

18h01 : “We have agreed to unanimously retaliate against any aggression by Ukraine by imposing concerted and tough sanctions on Russia.”

Western leaders agreed to respond with one voice to what was possible “Attack” Ukraine by Russia imposes unprecedented sanctions on Moscow.

12h47 : “Gang organizers prepare series of armed attacks against infrastructure”The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said in a statement, the panel said “Integrated” By “Russian Special Services”. Two organizers, including a Russian, were arrested, its agents said, according to the SBU “An explosive device, small arms and ammunition”.

12h46 : Ukraine says it has disbanded a group operating on Moscow’s orders and is preparing for armed attacks. “Instability” Country.

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07h11 : It’s 6 o’clock, it’s time for the first update of the day’s news.

Leaders of the United States and several European countries – including Germany and France – reaffirmed their support during the video conference. “Without allocation” To Ukraine. They promise “Very serious consequences” To Russia in the case “Aggression” Against this country.

Players in uniform Announced on public television In Burkina Faso, President Mark Roche seized power and ousted Christian Gabor.

State Council The government suspended the order Bans flower sales CBD mounted hemp leaf, The non-psychotic molecule of cannabis. The court must now rule on the merits of this order.

Eight people, including a child, were killed and about 50 others were injured in a stampede outside the stadium in Yaounde last night ahead of the African nations’ Cup match between Cameroon and the Comoros, officials said.