June 23, 2024

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Live – Floods – Dozens of people have died and hundreds are missing in northern Europe, especially in Germany and Belgium – In France, 13 fields of orange alert this morning – Video

8:35 am: Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least 81 places in Germany on Friday, with at least 50 people dead and hundreds more injured in what became known as the Rhineland-Palatinate. “The death toll has risen to 50,” Timo Hong, a spokeswoman for the Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Ministry, told AFP against the 28 people registered the previous day in the region.

Many are missing in the west of the country, raising fears that it could increase the number even further. “I’m afraid we will not see the full extent of the disaster in the next few days,” Chancellor Angela Merkel warned in Washington on Thursday evening.

08 h.04: Thirteen French departments are now on orange alert for flood hazards. This Taps, Hot-Sun and Sun-Ed-Lower

06 h 27: Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany’s neighbors Luxembourg are also affected. In Belgium, nine people died due to bad weather and four are still missing. According to Elio de Rupo, head of the Walloon region, the Muse flood “will take a very dangerous toll on the league itself.” In the Limburg region, in the south of the Netherlands, the flooding of the Muse in Maastricht was about to reach a level not seen for two centuries at night. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima traveled Thursday evening to meet with rescuers and disaster victims, and Prime Minister Mark Rudd is expected to follow them on Friday, July 16.

6:11 a.m .: In France, thunderstorms are worrying, but so far less violent. Ten departments are on orange alert this morning. Orange rain-flood awareness is underway in Taps (25) and Jura (39). On the other hand, in the north, Ardennes (08), Marne (51), Meerte-et-Moselle (54), Muse (55), Moselle (57), Pas-rin (67), Hot-rin (68) and Ain were flooded. Oranges are vigilant.

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Friday, good progress in the West. The eastern faade is still unstable. From the Brittany to the fields on the English Channel, the sun quickly sets itself up even though we notice gray patches during the day, especially near the beach.

This bad visibility dissipates in the morning. Progress is winning, in the afternoon, west of Pace-de-Lower, L-de-France and Hots-de-France. From northeast to center-east, there will be significant clouds with rain in the morning. They take on a stormy character from Lorraine, Alsace to the French-Comde to the Rh -ne-Alps and the Southern Alps. In the afternoon, the risk of rain is concentrated mainly in the eastern fa முகade, south of the Lorraine First Alps, and the threat of thunderstorms is about the alpine mass.

In Aquitaine, sheets of fog or low clouds begin the day. The fog is disappearing, but the clouds are still firmly over the Basque country. From Russellon to Provence and the Lower Rhne Valley, the sun is very high beyond some cloudy passages.

This good weather is with a mistral and moderate tromontane. In other regions, the sky is variable, but the Pyrenees and its foothills are dry with high clouds.

Finally, in Corsica, the daily heat of the storm is to be feared. Morning temperatures range from 14 to 16 degrees, 17/21 near Big Blue.

21 to 26 degrees in the north and 26/28 in the south. However, it is difficult to mount a thermometer on the aqueduct due to the lack of sunlight above 22 to 24 degrees. In contrast, the beaches from Russellon to War are 28 to 30 degrees.

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6:01 a.m .: About 1,300 people are missing after heavy flooding in the Rhineland-Palatinate land in the German city of Bad Nieuhner-Ahrweiler.A city spokesman said Thursday evening. The region’s mobile network is down, making it inaccessible to many. “We hope this will be resolved soon,” the spokesman said.

The storm has already killed at least 58 people in Germany. Nineteen people have been injured in Bad Nunehr-Ahrwheeler. Meanwhile, the number is said to have increased, but a spokesman did not give exact figures. At Bad Nunehr-Ahrweiler, more than 1,000 members are employed in the emergency services. About 3,500 residents are in emergency shelters. On Friday, all schools were closed.

5:22 a.m .: Germany continues Friday, searching for hundreds of people after floods and devastating western parts of the country left nearly 60 unheard of after the war. “I’m afraid we will not see the full extent of the disaster in the next few days,” Chancellor Angela Merkel warned in Washington on Thursday evening.

The “Flood of Death” daily built, widely read in Germany after torrential rains in several regions, sowed havoc and terror among residents surprised by the flash floods.

Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, where several districts of Maastricht had to be evacuated, with at least 9 dead. They were severely affected by the bad weather in Europe. But with 59 deaths, Germany is the highest paid country.