December 9, 2023

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Moscow condemns US “inhumanity”.

Moscow condemns US “inhumanity”.

“The US administration’s decision to send depleted uranium munitions to Kyiv is a clear sign of inhumanity,” the Russian embassy in Washington said in a telegram.

The Russian Embassy in the United States on Wednesday condemned Washington’s promised supply of depleted uranium munitions to Kiev, calling this future aid “a clear sign of inhumanity.”

“The US administration’s decision to send depleted uranium munitions to Kiev is a clear sign of inhumanity,” Telegram slammed the Moscow embassy, ​​highlighting the dangers associated with “moving radioactive clouds” caused by the explosions of these weapons.

Weapons with blinding effects

The reaction comes after the US announced a billion-dollar aid package for Ukraine, giving a “fresh impetus” to Kyiv’s counter-offensive.

The strictly military portion of the $175 million deal is specifically for supplies of depleted uranium-containing 120 mm ammunition designed for U.S. Abrams battle tanks promised to Ukraine.

These armor-piercing munitions are controversial because of the toxic risks they pose to the military and civilians.

The Russian Embassy further criticized that “the United States is deliberately transferring weapons with indiscriminate consequences.” According to him, Washington “refuses to accept the defeat of the so-called counteroffensive of the Ukrainian armed forces” and is ready to “write a cross on future generations.”

Key ingredients

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