Ontario finds 3,295 new COVID-19 cases, while registered high vaccines stay at home

Provincial health officials have the COVID-19 update for ET at 3 p.m. You can see it directly in this story.

Ontario on Thursday registered 3,295 cases of COVID-19 as public health units registered 108,563 immunizations, and a renewed provincial-level shelter order came into effect.

A total of 326,360 people in the province have received both vaccines, according to the health ministry.

As of Wednesday evening, Ontario has managed only 70 percent of the 4,031,325 amounts it has received from the federal government to date. Of that total, more than a million came last weekend.

The three-digit increase in COVID-19 cases was confirmed by nine public health units: 933 in Toronto, 649 in the Peel region, 386 in the York region, 165 in the Durham region, 156 in the Halton region, 160 in Ottawa, 110 in the Middlesex-London region and 124 in Simco Musco.

Laboratories completed 63,846 trials of the virus for SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, and recorded a positive rate of six percent.

The seven-day average of new daily cases rose to 3,093. It was finally over 3,000 on January 18th.

The province said 19 more people had died with COVID-19, raising the official death toll to 7,494. The seven-day average of daily deaths is currently around 15 – which is the highest in the 60s a day during the second wave of the disease, before most long-term care residents are vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the shelter order announced by Premier Duck Ford yesterday at 12:01 a.m. ET. The order was partly in response to the dire situation in hospitals, especially in the Greater Toronto area, which came with a third emergency announcement since the outbreak began earlier last year.

The government broadcast a warning after 11 a.m. on phones, radios and televisions about its emergency system.

“Leave home only for essential purposes such as food, health care, vaccinations, exercise or work. This is the law,” the message read.

A team from Humber River Hospital administers the Moderna Govt-19 vaccine Wednesday at St. Fidelis Parish Church in Toronto. Ontario recorded 108,563 doses of the vaccine yesterday. (Evan Mitsui / CBC)

Read more about order details here.

As part of yesterday’s announcement, the government said it would begin providing vaccines to all residents Approximately 90 “hot spot” neighborhoods aged 18 and over In an attempt to bring the third wave of COVID-19 under control. Postcodes that are particularly hard hit in Toronto and Peel will be given priority initially, before appointments open to those in other hotspot neighborhoods spread across 13 public health units.

The Ministry of Health said that 525 patients with COVID-19 related diseases were being treated in the intensive care units, 496 of whom were still being tested positive. More than 330 of them need a ventilator to breathe.

Intensive care physicians have recently recommended that if admissions continue to rise, a tripartite protocol should be implemented to determine who receives life-saving care and who does not.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says the province has not yet finalized its protocol, although a document was sent to hospitals in January during the second wave in Ontario and laid down broad guidelines for testing. Under that guidance, patients have a chance of surviving one year after the onset of the complex disease.

At a conference last week, Ontario’s COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Schedule, despite the fact that the home stay order was in effect, Admission to ICUs will be over 800 by the end of April.

Hospitalization is often driven by variations of anxiety, the table said.

To date, more than 21,000 samples tested positive for COVID-19 in Ontario have been screened for being positive for a particular genetic mutation, indicating the presence of a variant.

Variations are highly contagious and increase the risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19, which currently accounts for 65 percent of all new infections in the province.

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