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“Repentant” neo-Nazi Peter Jacob wants to compete with Victor Orban in Hungary

By Jean-Baptiste Sastand

Released today at 3:00 pm, updated at 3:57 pm.

The man changed the traditional attire of the Magyar National Movement he wore in the early 2010s for a very contemporary and all-purpose jean-basketball-shirt. Other than that, her teenage face hasn’t changed despite being overweight for years. At the age of 41, Peter Jacobs, leader of the Hungarian party of neo-Nazi traditionalist Jobik, wants to be a new man in front of the big hundred people who came to hear him at his castle on Tuesday, September 14th. Miskolkin. The poorest part of Hungary, located in the northeast of the country, is the fourth city in the country whose population has been declining since the fall of communism.

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Ten years ago, Mr Jacob, who was also vice president of the local branch of the Miskolk City Council, Jabik, delivered intense speeches there and incited hatred against the local Roma minority. But today he came to speak “Coolie”, “Corruption” Where “Immigration”. “We do not realize that the country has become one of the poorest and most corrupt in Europe. He scolds. In the 1990s, we were guaranteed freedom and well-being. But, thirty years later, no! “ Roma or Jews have disappeared from the view of his party, replacing Nationalist Prime Minister Victor Orban, who has ruled Hungary with an iron fist since 2010. One Man “Who dared not leave his castle anymore” And no “Family is rich because your money was stolen”, He applauded, attacked.

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Peter Jakob takes a selfie with his supporters after his pre-election speech in Miskol, Hungary on September 14, 2021.

“Survey of the Jews”

This is illustrated by the spectacular transformation As the main candidate of the Hungarian opposition, he intended to nominate a separate opponent against Victor Orban for the April 2022 assembly election. Organized on Saturday, September 18 to Sunday, October 10, the event brings together almost all opposition parties, from left to center, including environmental activists, so now defined as a party by Jabik “National, Christian, Conservative, Center-Right and Social Sensitivity”. “We drew a line against the militants and they were expelled or expelled,” he said. Promises The world The man who has led the party since 2020, following the redesign operation initiated by his predecessor, Thomas Snyder, has slipped to the right. Avoid Urban Fitz.

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“Jabik tolerated anti-Semitic voices in the past, but I could not bear them. I cleaned it up.”However, he has refused to apologize for the words of his vice president who called in 2012 “Survey of the Jews”, Or even his own anti-romantic comments, most of which have not yet reached YouTube videos. In the early 2010s, Peter Jacob Miskolkin called for the restoration of Roma’s life. “Hell”, Because they are “Use Honest Taxpayer Money to Celebrate”, And persecuted “Social assistance that doesn’t change anything because they constantly defecate in the middle of their room”. At the same time, Jobik mobilized its paramilitary forces, the “Hungarian Guard” and intimidated Roma ghettos in the area.

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