November 30, 2023

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An investigation involves an IMF director accused of pressuring Beijing to evacuate

Kristalina Georgieva has been accused of pressuring her aides to please Beijing.He was appointed to the World Bank.

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This is an embarrassment for the International Monetary Fund. Its managing director, Kristalina Georgieva, was released on Thursday, September 16, by an independent commission appointed by an international body that allegedly modified the World Bank report in 2017 and suspended it at that time in order to save China. The interested party told itself “In contrast” With the results of this investigation, the authors interviewed dozens of current and former employees and split 80,000 documents.

Faced with these revelations, the World Bank announced that it would stop publishing its annual report. “I do business” – This is a crime for 2018. She said it was a job “New Approach to Assessing the Business and Investment Environment”. This report establishes a ranking of countries with the most favorable climate for economic activity and trade, according to several parameters. In 2017, China did not appreciate its 78th place in the bank’s “doing business” report.

The World Bank has used the best possible means to prevent him from falling again in next year’s rankings and to get his signature on key negotiations, according to an investigation by Wilmerhail, a law firm commissioned by the company’s ethics committee. It turns out “Direct and Indirect Pressures”, Used by senior officials in the office of President Jim Yong Kim – “Probably on demand” The latter – to change the ranking of China.

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Shortly before the release of the 2018 edition, Kristalina Georgieva, the World Bank’s managing director, called for changes to the system’s adaptation and criteria, according to the survey. She would have reprimanded a senior official of that company “For mismanaging the bank’s relations with China and not appreciating the importance of the ‘doing business’ report”, According to the survey. Under pressure, his teams would have changed some data, allowing China to retain 78th place without going up to 85th. The officer who was initially reprimanded was praised for being there “Plays its part in multilateral work”.