May 18, 2024

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Rules can be “relaxed” in shopping centers

6:05 pm: Laurent Berger, CFDT “can do nothing” with anti-health PAS protesters

Laurent Berger, general secretary of the CFDT, questioned the anti-health PAS protests in France Inter, promising that his union would “have no contact with these people.” According to him, some participants attributed the opposition to the “extreme right-wing, conspiratorial, anti-Semitic” opposition to the CFTD “rarely to a union organization”.

5:24 pm: Protesters occupy the Satellite-less Halls Shopping Center in Paris

Protesters occupied the Satellite-less Halls shopping center in central Paris. They forced the entrance to the center … without showing a health pass of course. Voltizers (we now call them BROM) intervene.

5:15 pm: SOS Médecins price hike and threat of national strike

The Association of Liberal Physicians SOS Medicines has decided to call its members for a day of “total cessation of activity,” the last-ditch date to increase the cost of home visits. The price has been blocked at 35 euros for many years.

The union is very upset against the last agreement signed by the liberal doctors’ unions and health insurance at the end of July, extending the “long visit” (70 euros), but only to treat patients who come on their own.

2:50 pm: Boxer Oscar de la Hoya Covit and admitted to hospital

Despite a double vaccination, Mexican-Argentine boxer Oscar de la Hoya, 48, was hospitalized with Covit-19.

“I can’t fight next weekend,” he declared on his Twitter account. We saw him in bed with video of him with his message.

The former champion has not fought since 2008 and will return against Witter Belport in Los Angeles next week.

2:10 pm: Anti-Wax activists suspected of making fake appointments

The Regional Health Agency (ARS) has been wondering about the high number of unfulfilled vaccine appointments in Landes, ranging from 10 to 12% since August. La Debache du Midi.

The Daily reports that an appointment was also made in the name of British singer Elton John.

“There are strong suspicions surrounding Antivox,” assured Nouvelle-Aquitaine, director of ARS at BFMTV.

2:04 pm: According to Plancker, the number of closed classes since the beginning of the school year is “small”

“We have only a very small number of cases and we can only give a meaningful number after a few days” but this is “small” as the number of closed classes since the start of the school year on Thursday was in favor of Govt. .

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1:48 pm: In Indonesia, the President’s anti-Govt vaccination certificate can be found online

The Indonesian president’s corona virus vaccination certificate was aired on the Internet on Saturday, raising concerns among Indonesians about the security of their medical data.

Indonesia has experienced many data breaches in the past, sometimes on a massive scale.

The government says President Joko Widodo’s vaccination certificate, known online, has been used by users to track his medical data through the official vaccine surveillance application, the Bedlink.

13h14: If the situation continues to improve, “We can relax the rules [dans les centres commerciaux]”

“We see the state of health improving and we can relax the rules if this is confirmed [dans les centres commerciaux]”This was announced by Labor Minister Elizabeth Bourne in France this Saturday morning.

Access to some major shopping malls is subject to the issuance of a health pass, which has been repealed by the courts in some areas.

As Elizabeth Bourne admits, “shopping centers are harder” than other places open to the public.


As of Friday evening, 95 deaths had been reported in France in the past 24 hours. Another 10,816 are in hospital.

9:52 a.m .: Pilot Kimi Rைகikknen positive for Govt-19

Finnish driver Kimi Rைகikknen (Alfa Romeo) tested positive for the Kovit-19 during the Dutch F1 Grand Prix from Friday to Sunday.

He will be replaced by Robert Kubica of Poland at the wheel, the Alfa Romeo Reserve driver.

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9:24 a.m .: Anti-vaccine protest in London

Police officers were injured in the confrontation with vaccine protesters in London because the government decided to extend the vaccine to 12-15 years old. In the end, it was decided that injections were not recommended for adolescents.

8:45 a.m .: In the United States, job creation is declining

The pace of job creation in the United States continued in August as the unemployment rate continued to fall due to the delta variance, the Department of Labor said.

Only 235,000 jobs were created, 750,000 three times less than expected, and more than a million jobs were created in July. The unemployment rate is 0.2 points lower at 5.2% compared to July.

8:23 a.m .: Australia: “Four million hopefuls”

The United Kingdom will send four million doses of vaccine to Australia, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced as his country struggles to stem the tide of Covit-19.

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These “four million confidence levels” will be shipped in the first few weeks from Saturday.

8:10 a.m .: Vaccination is mandatory in New Caledonia

Vaccination is mandatory in New Caledonia for all but those with medical malpractice, while only 30% of the archipelago’s population is fully vaccinated.

This duty applies to all travelers who wish to see the archipelago.

7:55 am: In the UK, vaccinations are not recommended for 12-15 year olds

The team overseeing the anti-Govt vaccine in the United Kingdom has announced that it will not extend it to healthy children between the ages of 12 and 15, despite the waves of many Western countries and concerns about returning to school.

After releasing the recommendation, Health Minister Sajid Javed said he would consult with medical officials in the UK’s four member states “before making a quick decision”.

7:36 a.m .: In Guadeloupe, a prefect calls for an officer to be “deported.”

The province of Pointe-P-Pitre on Friday condemned the local federation’s call for the deportation of “Alexander Roschatte”, president of the province of Guadeloupe, accusing him of poorly managing the health crisis.

“By voluntarily and fully consciously marking the darkest hours of our history, the members of this association have reaffirmed their willingness to reject any opportunity for peaceful exchange.”

The region, which canceled a meeting scheduled for Friday with the association, reports these “particularly insulting and inappropriate statements” to the public prosecutor’s office, including Christine Gangloff Ziegler, director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the rector of the academy, Valerie Denex.

7:25 am: New Zealand: Corona virus-related death in six months

New Zealand recorded its first Govt-19 death in six months on Friday, although health officials said on Saturday it had brought the latest waves linked to the Delta type under control.

The 90-year-old woman died overnight at a hospital in Auckland (north) from infection and ventilation or inability to receive intensive care.

He is the 27th person to die of covid disease in New Zealand and the first person since February 16 this year.

7:12 a.m .: In Cuba, children aged 2-18 are vaccinated

Cuba on Friday launched a national corona virus vaccination campaign for children and adolescents between the ages of two and 18, set up by the Communist government before schools reopen.

While other countries such as China and Venezuela have announced that they will vaccinate children, Cuba faces an increase in cases that shake its health system.

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6:53 a.m .: Vaccination opens without appointment on all weekends

You can be vaccinated without an appointment this weekend. A surgery called “All Vaccines Before the School Year Begins” targeting eight million French people who have not been vaccinated.

“All vaccination centers will offer walking vaccines this weekend, temporary activities will be set up in the area and vaccinations will be available at a number of shopping centers,” the ministry said.

6:51 a.m .: Early treatment extended to some patients already admitted to the hospital

Ronapreve, treatment for Covit-19 with synthetic antibodies, which had until then been dedicated to the prevention of the disease and the fight against its early forms, was already approved in France on Friday for patients already in the hospital in advanced stages. “These are patients with immunodeficiency, patients at risk for complications related to comorbidities, patients aged 80 and over,” explains the National Institute for Drug Safety (ANSM).

Synthetic antibody treatments are one of the main treatment options against Govit-19, but have so far been recommended after or before symptoms appear.

More info in our article.

6:49 am: Delta variation does not cause severe events in children

According to U.S. health officials, the delta variant does not cause severe cases of Govt-19 in children and adolescents compared to other types.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the country’s leading central public health agency, analyzed data covering about 10% of the U.S. population. In detail, of the 3,116 children and adolescents hospitalized in the three-and-a-half months prior to the delta (which became the majority across the Atlantic by mid-June), approximately 26% were admitted to intensive care, 6% were placed on a ventilator, and less than 1% died. Of the 164 hospitals reported in the one-and-a-half month after delta, about 23% were admitted to intensive care, 10% were placed on a ventilator, and less than 2% died. The differences between the two periods are not statistically significant.

This work also shows that vaccines still protect adolescents against delta: the rate of hospitalization of unvaccinated adolescents is ten times higher than that of those vaccinated during delta dominance.